Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Best memes and tweets from Bama, LSU, Georgia fans after Arch Manning joins Texas

Another era began with the Manning dynasty, with Archie Manning committed to Texas, but fans from SEC powerhouses like Bama, LSU and Georgia don’t think it’s over yet.

It’s official: The Texas Longhorns have won the Arch Manning Sweepstakes.

In fact, Arch Manning created a Twitter account just to announce his unexpected decision to the world.

Manning met with several SEC schools, including Alabama, LSU and Georgia, but ultimately chose to play for the most recent SEC school he joined.

The news was heard by loyal football fans in Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama, with reactions ranging from predicting Manning’s failure in Texas to eventual transfer to schools like Bama or Georgia.

It’s also worth noting that Manning, a Louisiana like his father and uncle, didn’t choose to play at LSU. At this point, many LSU fans are wondering why the Wanning family has refused to participate in LSU for generations.

Manning chose to join the quarterback room with Quinn Ewers, and with many college quarterbacks having success post-transfer like Joe Burrow, maybe a transfer might on the table.

But for now, Manning is ready to take the bait in Austin, and there’s no indication he’s going anywhere else.

Here are the best responses to breaking news from Southeastern Manning.

Bama reacts to Archie Manning’s commitment to Texas

LSU reacts to Arch Manning’s commitment to Texas

Georgia Reacts to Arch Manning’s Commitment to Texas

Whether Manning stays in Texas remains to be seen, but for now, he’s definitely letting the SEC theorize and predict how the next generation of Manning will be in orange and white.

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