Biden administration drafts new executive order to block Chinese access to US data

The US government has drafted an executive order that would give the Justice Department broad powers to block foreign adversaries such as China from gaining access to Americans’ personal data, Reuters reported, according to excerpts from documents and sources familiar with the matter. Said citing. (The Associated Press)

The US government has drafted an executive order that wouldMinistry of JusticeHuge power to prevent foreign adversaries like mainland China from gaining access to Americans’ personal data.

The proposal, which the government agency is reviewing, also instructs the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to refrain from using federal funds to support efforts to transfer US health data to foreign adversaries.

This draft showstrumpThe Biden administration has reacted more aggressively in response to national security threats posed by mainland Chinese companies after the administration’s failed efforts to ban Americans from using TikTok and WeChat. Chinese companies are said to have obtained a large amount of personal data of Americans.

White House, US Department of Justice andcommerce ministrySpokesmen declined to comment. HHS has yet to comment on this. The source also said that the document is only a first draft and has not been included in the opinion of government agencies, and may be adjusted in future.

The executive order, if implemented, would give US Attorney General Merrick Garland the power to review and potentially prohibit commercial transactions related to the sale or acquisition of data, sources said. National security is a major risk.

The excerpt states that the proposal would require HHS to begin drafting a rule to ensure that federal aid, such as government grants and incentives, can protect Americans’ health, health-related or biological data from foreign opponents. Will not support transfer. that which is controlled or governed or directed by it.

Sources also said that the proposal has come as the administration officials are frustrated by the delay in implementing the rules by the commerce department and threats of investigation. Trump gave similar powers to the Commerce Department in 2019.

An executive order in June explicitly directed the Commerce Department to use new tools to protect sensitive data on Americans from attacks by foreign adversaries through transactions involving the app, but the Commerce Department has yet to relate to the measure. No progress has been announced.

The new draft executive order gives the Justice Department “explicit authority to monitor and enforce compliance and enforcement of any injunction, license, or mitigation agreement issued pursuant to a previous executive order, thereby supporting the authority vested in the Secretary of Commerce.” “

Another excerpt shows that the proposal also requires the Commerce Secretary to determine which categories of transactions are strictly prohibited and exempt.

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