Home World News Biden administration to spend $20 billion to replace Chinese-made container cranes at ports

Biden administration to spend $20 billion to replace Chinese-made container cranes at ports

Biden administration to spend $20 billion to replace Chinese-made container cranes at ports

wall StreetDaily report on 21st,bidenThe government is concerned that China-made cargo cranes that use advanced software could pose a national security risk. It will spend 20 billion yuan over the next five years to improve port security facilities in various regions and increase domestic container crane production. The report pointed out that the container crane replacement plan of the Biden administration aims to improve the overall maritime navigation system of the United States Have to strengthen.information securityOne of the auxiliary verbs.

Reports indicate that the US Coast Guard will issue an order to establish digital security rules for foreign-made container cranes installed at strategic ports, and President Biden will issue an order to provide security for computer system information operations at ports across the United States. Will also issue an executive order for this. , Standard.

Officials said the federal government will invest more than $20 billion to improve port security at various locations. Specific projects include significantly increasing local container crane production in the United States over the next five years. The funding source will be the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by Congress in 2021.

According to the plan, future production of container cranes in the United States will depend on the American subsidiary of Japan’s Mitsui Group (Missui). Officials said it would be the first time in 30 years that the United States would manufacture a domestically produced container crane.

“We think there is a strategic risk,” Anne Neuberger, deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technologies, said in an interview.

Neuberger said container cranes are responsible for large-scale import and export container handling at various ports. If the cranes are implanted with attack programs, or rented and operated by adversaries, it could have an impact on US economic port logistics and military. Operating transportation supplies.

China has previously dismissed US concerns about the safety of the cranes as “harassment delusions”.

Rear Admiral John Wan, who is in charge of Coast Guard Cyber ​​Command, said at a media briefing that container cranes were originally designed to be controlled, operated and installed remotely, so the equipment on Chinese-made container cranes work, there is a security risk of being taken advantage of.



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