Biden considers visits to demilitarized zones in North and South Korea during Asia tour this month

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said today that PresidentBiden(Joe Biden is considering moving to South Africa on a trip to Asia later this month)North KoreaDemilitarized Zone (Korean Demilitarized Zone).

Reuters reports that Biden is expected to appear on the 20th to 24thSouth KoreaWith Japan, with the leaders of both countries.

Sharqi said the White House was still deciding on the details of the Asia trip, but a visit to the heavily fortified area between North and South Korea was no exception.

Several former US presidents have traveled to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, and Biden himself has been there before becoming president, but former President Trump was the first to meet with North Korean leaders named Chuan Kim in June 2019. three sessions. But Trump failed to persuade Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear and missile programs.

Sharqi also reiterated that the United States is assessing that North Korea may prepare for a seventh nuclear test this month. North Korea has not conducted a nuclear test since 2017, but has resumed tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles this year.

“We share this intelligence with our allies and partners and coordinate closely with them,” she said.

US and South Korean officials have said for weeks that Pyongyang could conduct nuclear tests soon, amid signs of new fortifications at North Korea’s Pungye-ri nuclear test site.

South Korea and Japan said North Korea today tested three ballistic missiles in the East Sea, despite its first reports of a COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) outbreak.

The State Department condemned North Korea’s latest test launch, but said it was committed to resolving the issue through diplomatic channels, while reiterating its call for Pyongyang to return to talks.

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