Biden’s Kovid Summit aims to advance the fight against the spread

“One of the major obstacles in this epidemic and the terrible injustice is the special control over complex medical technology,” Mr Maybaduk said. By working with the drug patent pool, the Biden administration “shares not only dosages but also knowledge, because sharing doses is generosity and sharing knowledge is justice.”

The meeting on Thursday will take place in a very different context than the first COVID-19 summit held last September. The war in Ukraine is draining energy and money to donor countries. The global vaccination campaign has stalled. Tests around the world have dropped. COVID antivirals are now available in the US, but are rare in low- and middle-income countries.

Gail Smith, who led the State Department’s Global Covid Response under Biden, said: “We are far behind in our efforts to vaccinate the world, with less than 13% of people in low – income countries having two Kovid shots.” Gail Smith said Wednesday. He said it was “very worrying” that the United States would not provide any funding for tomorrow’s talks.

The summit was hosted by Belize, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal. Mr Biden will address a pre-recorded speech addressed to those in attendance, with Vice President Kamala Harris acting as US Representative. Global health organizations, charities and pharmaceutical manufacturers will also participate.

In preparation for the meeting, the White House asked attendees to make “all sorts of important commitments,” senior administration officials said. He said countries including Canada, South Korea, Spain and France have economic commitments. Some low-income countries pledge to speed up vaccination campaigns and some pharmaceutical manufacturers are considering reducing treatment costs.

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