Big Pass Chance, Shin Tae-yong’s Team Runs Out Against Young Socceroos

SportsBig Pass Chance, Shin Tae-yong's Team Runs Out Against...

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DUSHANBE – Opportunity t im national (national team) Indonesia U-23 qualifying from the Group G phase of the 2022 U-23 Asian Cup is very open. Two teams withdrew from the group, leaving Indonesia and Australia U-23 to compete for tickets to the finals 2022 Asian U-23 Cup.

Indonesia will play its first match against the Australian U-23 national team in Jakarta 2022 U-23 Asian Cup Group G Qualification at Republican Central Stadium, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Tuesday (26/10/2021). After that, the two will meet again on Friday (10/29/2021).

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The coach of the U-23 Indonesian national team, Shin Tae-Yong also has high hopes that his team can win the match.

Indonesia is part of Group G of the 2022 U-23 Asian Cup with Australia. Previously, China and Brunei Darussalam also joined the group, but chose to resign.

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Now the competition only leaves Indonesia and the Young Socceroos. The two will duel each other for a ticket to the 2022 U-23 Asian Cup finals.

Shin Tae-Yong said that the match against Australia was very important. Because, with the withdrawal of Brunei and China, Witan Sulaeman et al must win the match against Australia in order to qualify.

“This match is very important for us, because two opponents have withdrawn. We have to beat Australia,” said Shin Tae-Yong, quoted from the official PSSI website, Monday (25/10/2021).

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