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TechnologyBiliti's electric tuk-tuk solves the city's last mile problem...

Less than a year old, Biliti Electric wants to make tuk-tuk, an electric three-wheeled vehicle, commonplace in densely populated cities in the United States.

Founder and CEO Rahul Gayam, who attended a press conference at the Los Angeles Motor Show on November 17, said the electric GMW Taskman, a three-wheeled tuk-tuk with no door in the driver’s seat, is in Asia. Is already used in Europe. The vehicle made by GMW Electric of India has been exported to Europe and Japan, and according to Mr. Gayam, it has already delivered 12 million times and more than 20 million miles (3200 km). The company has sold about 1,400 units so far.

Currently, Biliti Electric is aiming to enter the US market.

The car, which debuted at this auto show in North America, aims to be a highly functional electric delivery vehicle, easy to charge, and has a large load capacity despite its small size.

With a selling price of $ 8,000, GMW Taskman is similar to the tuk-tuk you see in many parts of the world, and is struggling in dense cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It is designed to be a vehicle that solves the difficulty of delivering the last one mile of vans and trucks.

Image Credit: Biliti Electric

According to the company, Taskman can run up to 110 miles on a single charge and can carry loads up to 1500 pounds. The loading space is approximately 64.6 square feet. Charging is 7 hours for 110V for home use and 3.5 hours for 220V. Since such downtime is annoying for commercial vehicles, Biliti offers a replacement battery pack for free. Battery replacement can be done in 1 minute using a scissor lift.

With the company’s optional solar panels on three sides of the bed, it pops up like a gull-wing door and level against the sky, absorbing the sun’s radiation and charging the battery. According to Biliti, the charging time would be three and a half to four hours under ideal conditions. Many of these vehicles are used in the tropics between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Capricorn, where the sun has a long direct sunshine time, according to Gayam.

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According to Gayam’s comment at the Los Angeles Motor Show, the company’s target customers are e-commerce and retail giants like Amazon and Walmart. Field tests have already been conducted in the US and EU, Japan, UK, UAE and India by Amazon, Walmart (Flipkart), Ikea, Zomato and others, but the first customers are likely to be smaller companies.

Biliti’s Uri is to solve last mile deliveries, regardless of customer size. The recent $ 400 million PIPE investment by Luxemburg-based investor GEM Global Yield will be part of the funding needed to reach its goal.

The delivery of the last one mile of various packages is a challenge that plagues dense cities around the world and contributes significantly to traffic congestion, global warming and an increase in accidents. When small packages or items travel from a delivery center to an individual destination, they are often loaded into a small vehicle along with other packages heading to the same location. And that last mile is a nightmare for both logistics and the environment, annoying everyone at Amazon, FedEx, UPS and more. And now, local post offices are often used to deliver goods to consumers and businesses.

Biliti’s vehicle may provide one answer. However, there are limits. First of all, the maximum speed of this car is 24 mph (about 40 km). Uses will be limited to urban areas far from the Parkway. Of course, there are highways along the way, and interstate highways are not possible.

According to Gayam, the vehicle will be available for registration in California and elsewhere from January.

Image Credit: Biliti Electric

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