Black Friday in Mexico: 11 Recommendations for Buying Safely Online

U.S.A.Black Friday in Mexico: 11 Recommendations for Buying Safely...

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This Friday, November 26 black Friday hey black Friday, and the Internet will be filled with unacceptable offers on appliances, furniture. cellphone, Screens, perfumes or textiles among other products.

However, the network will not have only promotions. cyber criminals They will be on the lookout and try to deceive the consumers with all kinds of scams. And even worse, because in times of pandemic, they have been able to perfect their techniques and use more sophisticated methods to hunt their prey.

During this type of campaign e-commerce, This is normal fake website, These portals come across as a well-known store whose domain is the same as that of the parent brand. In addition, they use corporate logos and colors to make the browsing experience more believable.

They attract customers with very attractive discounts and include a list of products and a buying process on the web to make it more genuine. Fraud attempts to trap the user, take over and provide their bank details. For this reason it is necessary to check that you are in the correct link and that the site is authentic.

It has also increased in recent years web skimming, In this cybercrime, criminals insert malicious code into the web page of an online store to steal consumer credit card details. Banking information is cloned during the purchase process. To do this, they take advantage of vulnerabilities in both the platform and older plugins.

On the other hand, it is important to disbelieve Los email who come to our email announcing offers that are too great to be true.

In 2020 alone, this type of digital crime increased by 400% globally, a record figure. In order not to fall into these traps, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (profeco) Published several recommendations for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday,

1. Use a secure Wi-Fi network or Internet connection.

2. Install a comprehensive security solution on your computer or mobile device and keep it up to date.

3. Buy from well-known and reputed websites.

4. Safe Browsing begins with the certainty that we are at the desired location. Avoid links in emails and ads.

5. View and carefully read the privacy policies, privacy notices and return policies of the site where you perform e-commerce.

6. Check that the provider’s website where you will transact informs you of their actual address, telephone number and any means of access that may be required to file a claim.

7. Internet pages must correspond to the Virtual Store or App Vendor’s page and include “https://www.”, a closed padlock icon and a privacy notice.

8. Seller’s business name, physical address in Mexico, telephone number and other means of contact must be visible.

9. Set alerts and review bank statements carefully.

10. Use a single online payment instrument.

11. As an added security measure, always disconnect and end the session when you have completed your purchases and received transaction receipts.

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In addition, Profeco recalled that through the Virtual Store Monitoring Program, consumers can check which online stores are compliant and which are not.

(Photo: EFE / Ronald Witek)
(Photo: EFE / Ronald Witek)

Which stores will participate in Black Friday?

Black Friday is a discount event that mainly takes place overseas. However, there are some companies that have recently adopted it in Mexico and are mainly online taking advantage of that day to launch new promotions.

Birthday of shopping day. Happened in America, And it became popular in the 1960s. It is traditionally celebrated the next day Thank you, Which falls on the fourth Thursday of November. In 2021, the famous US national holiday will fall on Thursday 25, so Black Friday will start the next morning, Friday 26 November.

Although this is the official date, there are establishments that will start earlier. So the recommendation is to check what campaign the store you are interested in is planning. for example, linio mexico It has already gone ahead that its Black Friday will start from November 25 and end on the 29th of the same month. they will have limited offers cellphone, Video game console, smartwatch, hair straightener, curling iron, makeup or even perfume. Promotions will be available on the Lineo website.

for its part, Amazon Mexico Told that his Black Friday will be on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 November. “You will find offers on all our major categories like Electronics, Computers, Home, Kitchen, Clothing, Fashion, Sports, Videogames, Baby, Toys, Office & Stationery, Books, Music, Food and Beauty products,” he added. his website.

From liverpool Confirmed via social networks that they will be celebrating the event only on 26 November. They will get up to 40% off on screens, furniture and other sections. whereas walmart Cyber ​​Week will launch what they call Cyber ​​Week, a week of offers and promotions running from November 24 to November 30, in online stores only.

This is usually an e-commerce event, so most of the sales happen over the internet. Other stores that will likely participate are Sears, eBay, Costco, Apple or Free Market, let’s say He embraced this campaign in the last years. Also others such as Sephora or Bellissima and some travel or airline websites may be included, so we suggest that you enter the website that interests you and check it on Thursdays and Fridays, as the number of participating businesses There is no official list, such as that of good endings in the case.

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