Black Friday: Know what else is on offer and search the internet

U.S.A.Black Friday: Know what else is on offer and...

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For many years in the United States, Black Friday has been a day of discounts held before Christmas, which has prompted commercial establishments to prepare the best offers before the price hike in December.

Due to the rise in electronic commerce in the world, brands set up marketplaces or virtual stores to be closer to the users and avoid long lines and crowds. A trend that people appreciated a lot.

Although it is a North American time, countries around the world have adopted the day to re-energize their economies and offer the best discounts before Christmas in personal and virtually commercial establishments.

However, there are some industries that stand out for their prominence and needs of the people at the end of the year, these are technology, fashion, toys and academia.

It sounds strange, but it is the reality, Internet buyers are looking for discounts to study and one of the main reasons is unemployment that in Colombia, According to DEN, 27.7% of Colombians were in this situation between December 2020 and February this year.

Therefore, people are opting to take courses and specialize virtually and it is because of this that many companies, especially in the technology sector, are giving more importance to certification and English.

According to Platzie, these courses are sought on this Black Friday:

-Digital Economy: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Operations and Tools for Making Better Investment Decisions.

Frontend Developer: Learn to master the basics of HTML and CSS to apply the benefits of responsive design and CSS architecture.

-Python: programming language, you can create, master an algorithm

Variables, functions, data structures, conditionals and loops.

-Communication and creative marketing for brands: Ways to develop solutions for brands.


This season they are looking for the last big sale of the year for gifts on December 24, the day it is customary in Colombia to gather together as a family to give gifts. Many brands present various categories on the internet to attract more users to their portals, a strategy that has worked.

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According to Hasbro’s general manager of the Andean region, Andres Gómez, this year companies have prepared for this season by taking advantage of the virtual environment as a platform for collaboration. “Today people can find traditional brands like Monopoly and Nerf alive in the digital world through apps. Plus, there are influential partners like Fortnite that promote completely different and innovative landscapes, something that was always considered That brands should be friends with digital”.


Tech products are among the most searched categories on the Internet during this Black Friday day; People find tools to study, work, play, monitor health or watch their favorite series, even in a single device.

Tablets, cell phones, computers and gaming devices are trending in the search.

According to Samsung Colombia, there are discounts on smart watches, TVs, sound bars, tablets that have been transformed into laptops, for example with the DeX option, smart phones with great developments in cameras, hearing aids that are “dynamic two-way speakers”. and better active noise cancellation”.

“We go days without VAT and spend months preparing for this event to meet the expectations of customers that is already coveted for local e-commerce. Consumers will be able to find the largest variety of products with the best discounts reaching 60% across dozens of categories, including toys, technology, clothing, sports and home”, said Andres Sánchez, commercial director of Lineo.

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