Bloomberg: Huawei to be U.S. Forced to leave pays the price

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The United States suspended the U.S. three years ago, citing national security threats. Chinese-made equipment used in telecommunications and security networks was ordered to be destroyed. However, delays, delays and serious funding shortages have left the problem largely unresolved, and Chinese technology is still present throughout the country. United States. Bloomberg Explains That Extra Costs, Slow Upgrades, EverythingHuaweiThere is a high price to pay for leaving.

More than 100 US telecom providers are still using equipment from Huawei and ZTE to serve thousands of customers, the report said.cell phoneCalling service, Chinese-made devices are still available in the U.S.Ministry of DefenceSome facilities, the business jets of some of the largest US corporations and some of the larger commercial airlines provide the service.

Meanwhile, orders to forcibly remove billions of dollars worth of Chinese tech products from US telecommunications networks also pose a public safety risk in the United States. The carriers say they have to leave the U.S. because of the “removal and replacement” federal aid program. Communications will have to be cut in vast rural areas of the U.S., primarily intended to show that the rural U.S. Make service calls along busy highways, or even stop service altogether.

The Pentagon was given two exemptions to continue contracts with suppliers using equipment from Huawei and ZTE until September. The exemption also mentions surveillance cameras made by another banned Chinese company.

In the air, 1,400 regional jets operated by American Airlines and Delta Air Lines still provide Internet services through ZTE’s network equipment. 6,400 private jets, as well as some business jets owned by major US companies, still use ZTE equipment.

Last year, Congress allocated $1.9 billion for “demolition and replacement” programs, but a January tally of funding requests from 181 applicants totaled $5.6 billion. There is no indication that the Congress will bridge the gap anytime soon.

Rural U.S. The clock is ticking for telecommunications, as ZTE takes over the U.S. Support for customers has been suspended, and Huawei will soon do the same.

United Wireless, which serves 17 Kansas counties, would have long ago used Huawei equipment to upgrade to 5G services if US officials had not banned Chinese equipment. “This prevents us from growing,” said company head Raskowski, and when equipment is changed, users have to pay for the changes themselves.

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