Bloomberg survey: US recession risk rising by 30% within a year

Economists suspect the US economy is heading into recession, according to a Bloomberg Intelligence survey.Reuters

According to the latest monthly survey by Bloomberg Intelligence, economists believe the risk of a US recession within a year continues to rise.

Bloomberg surveyed 37 economists from May 6 to 11, and they believe the likelihood of the US economy falling into recession over the next 12 months rose to 30%; The latest data is the highest level in 2020, with a slightly higher 27.5% in April being more than double the probability predicted three months ago at the time of the survey.

Fears of a recession in the US economy have been rising in recent weeks. Inflation is hovering at the highest level in decades, and prices are likely to continue rising for some time.irrigated(Fed) seems determined to pass faster and more aggressiverate increaseTo calm inflation quickly, however, the Fed faces a formidable challenge: to cool the economy to curb rising prices, but avoid tightening too much to lead to a recession. needed.

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