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Blue Origin has announced its next manned space flight. It will be held on December 9, US time, with six people on board. This is the first time the company has flown a reusable rocket, New Shepard, and a capsule with a maximum capacity of six passengers. The boarding is Laura, the daughter of Michael Strahan, co-chair of Good Morning America, and Alan Shepard, the origin of the rocket’s name. Shepard Churchley, Voyager Space CEO Dylan Taylor, Dick Holdings executive officer Evan Dick, and father and son Lane Bess.・ Mr. Beth and Mr. Cameron Bess.

Blue Origin tends to prefer the historic “first” experience in manned spaceflight missions, but this time it’s the first time a parent and child go to space together. Bess Ventures principal and founder Rain Beth and content creator and software developer Cameron Beth will be on board.

From top left to right, Mr. Rain Beth, Mr. Cameron Beth, and Mr. Evan Dick.From bottom left to right, Dylan Taylor, Laura Shepherd Churchley, Michael Strahan

This manned space flight is Blue Origin’s third and 2021 third. So far, New Shepard has conducted two manned space flights with four people on board each time. Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will also be on board for the first launch, and in October William Shatner and Blue Origin’s Audrey Powers. ), DCVC partner Chris Boshuizen, and Medidata co-founder Glen de Vries. De Vries died tragically in a plane crash a few weeks after space flight.

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The fact that Blue Origin is launching at this pace is awesome, especially given the high cost of boarding passes. With six passengers, Blue Origin will probably improve profitability, which may result in a slightly more affordable seating for those who follow, but it’s still very extravagant. There is no doubt that it is.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard takes passengers to the edge of space, staying in quasi-orbit, but provides a few minutes of weightlessness and an unparalleled view of the Earth. The capsule then parachutes and lands in the desert of West Texas.

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