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Botanical gardens and milk tea shops in California are filled with people of all ethnic groups celebrating the Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival,los angelesA lively atmosphere began in the county. As a legal holiday in California, the Spring Festival attracts more attention. New Year celebrations are held at many locations, including the Huntington Library, Los Angeles CountyBotanical Garden(LA County Arboretum) and other famous places, many places are crowded with people.

The Los Angeles County Arboretum features an amazing lion dance performance and a red wishing tree on New Year’s Day. The garden has plenty ofSugarDressed in red clothes or simple Tang suits, hanging out with relatives and friends, the scene is lively. Ms. Lin, a Chinese, specially made an appointment with her friends to experience yoga with goats at the Botanical Garden. She said she wants to start the new year with a healthy outlook. Ms. Lin said she was surprised that many foreigners doing yoga together also wished each other “Happy New Year”, which made her realize that the Spring Festival has received more attention and love in California, and among different ethnic groups. Will celebrate spontaneously. ,

In addition to natural attractions, Los Angeles County also has many milk tea shops and hot pot restaurants that are crowded and popular. Many milk tea shops have seen a surge in food and takeout orders, with queues lasting half an hour to an hour. Sunright Tea Studio in Arcadia has suspended online orders due to good store business; San Miao tea is even more popular in San Gabriel, where the store is packed with customers and the tea pick-up area is also crowded. One customer, Mr. Lee, said his takeout order was supposed to be picked up an hour earlier, but it was not ready after an hour. He had to cancel the order because he was in a hurry. Another customer, Ms Wang, said she especially wanted to drink milk tea on New Year’s Day. She went to several milk tea shops and had to wait in line. Eventually they decided to wait slowly and savor the delicious food.

The arrival of the Spring Festival has filled the Chinese community in Los Angeles County with a festive atmosphere. Various celebrations and food and cultural exchanges have also added a lot of color to the local area.

A milk tea shop has suspended online orders due to increased business in the shop (screenshot from the official website)

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