Boxing champion Tyson was beaten so hard he couldn’t see blood and prosecutors won’t prosecute

55-year-old boxer Tyson punched a passenger chasing first class on a domestic flight last month. , (Reuters)

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was caught on a flight last month after he was furious, punching a man who apparently made him pee, leaving him bleeding. Prosecutors said on May 10 that Tyson would not face criminal charges.

case bySan FranciscoSan Mateo County District Attorney’s Office Processing, CelebritiesgossipNews website TMZ quoted the prosecutor’s office as saying that after reviewing the police report and video of the brawl, it decided not to indict Tyson: “The victim’s actions led to the incident, and the interactions between Tyson and the victim, And the relationship between Tyson and Tyson, was taken into account. Victims’ requests (for non-prosecution).” “We’re not bringing any charges against Tyson, if they want to sue each other, it’s their business,” prosecutors said.

Tyson punched on plane, man beaten after marijuana fest has criminal record

The incident happened on 20th of last month. Witnesses claimed that he and a friend boarded Tyson’s flight. The boxing legend reportedly behaved calmly with the first two and other passengers, and took a selfie with the witness. , and a very patient-spirited fellow with his overs. But events took a turn for the worse, with Tyson throwing a punch at a fellow witness, bleeding from his forehead.

Sources close to Tyson claimed to TMZ that the man who was beaten up was “extremely drunk” and continued to resent Tyson, who was sitting well.

According to the airport police, both were arrested at that time. The man was treated at the scene for non-fatal injuries, but was unclear about the incident and refused to cooperate with police investigating the dispute. Later, the police released both the youths.

After the incident came to light, public opinion held that Tyson could face felony charges unless the male passengers took serious provocative action. Eventually, Tyson’s background as a professional boxer may have faded his “justified self-defense” argument. Experts also pointed out that if the passenger threw a water bottle at Tyson, he could also be charged with injury.

The victim’s lawyer denied throwing a water bottle at Tyson. “He was so excited to see Tyson.”

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