Boxing returns to Luna Park, but the legend ceased to exist twenty years ago

U.S.A.Boxing returns to Luna Park, but the legend ceased...

Sports Palace as the public lined up to get tickets while Juan Carlos Lector, the historical promoter of Argentine boxing, was still alive

In the face of this rebirth, strange voices come to me that make the sound of unavoidable memories. It’s not the same moon that awakens my memory, of memorable nights under thrilling landscapes of glory and drama.

This Luna Looks More Casual, More Glamorous, There are no endless lines to achieve physical penetration of flossy paper, whose various colors differentiate the popular from other fields. It is not necessary to wet the hose stand so that more people can stand alone without having to sit down. There are no coffee growers or coca producers out there crying out their wrinkles while pouring their nectar out loud inside those jackets. They no longer rent binoculars to shorten the distance so they can see fighters up close. Today’s voice is more reliable and powerful: everything is heard and good; Not like the manual microphone at the time, from which announcer Juan Barra insisted: “Del a la Caro” (a brand of gas and kerosene stoves from the 50s) to announce: “Second out, First round or … 12 ° and uuultimo round…. !!! “. Before or after the show, neither groups of debaters were seen on Corrientes and Bouchard’s corner discussing their opinions, nor were fans singing, as the great boxers had them and came from neighborhoods or provinces; Or the desperate seekers of “courtesy” tickets – the garroneros – at the small bar ring side, There are no longer women in length or men in suit and tie; No Chanel fragrances, no flashy jewelry, no famous politicians, no popular artists, no soccer players, no businessmen, no famous communicators… and where is ring announcer George Morales wearing his tux?

From that glorious moon, a symbol of Portenidad and a temple of Argentine culture, live ghosts. It is they who remind us of their great nights from some unknown place.

A lot of duality is to arise in the moon’s reopening. fights between mono Jose Maria Gatica and were idiot Alfredo Prada was tremendous and unforgettable: Prada suffered a jaw injury in the third (1946) and threw it in the 11th round with one eye closed, but Gatica won anyway. A year later (1947) Prada gave him a triple jaw fracture, he lost 5 molars and 3 teeth and the monkey was admitted to Ramos Mejia Hospital and fed for 6 months with an absorbable liquid diet with a light bulb. was forced to. He fought two more matches; Gatica was won in 1948 and in 1953, when mono She was physically destroyed, Prada was victorious. And although they always seemed irreconcilable given the brutality with which they fought 7 times, Prada helped Gatica by giving her a place as “public relations” in their restaurant on Paraná Street.

Ah… those fights between Gatica and Prada… There was a line to enter the popular stand even before 7 pm, Kenilitus sold everything he took under his arm Review, reason And graphic news, Ticket sales started on Friday and the line filled more than half the block. There were those who paid triple to ringside in the hope of seeing and congratulating Peron, who did not miss a fight like his. The night Prada broke Gatica’s jaw, mono, coming into the ring, he left his corner – Lavalle and Madero – to bow between the second and third ropes in front of Bouchard and utter the legendary phrase in front of Perón’s face: “General, my general, the two powers greet each other…”, Perón and Gatica were always the delirium of the popular public to the magic of the shrill chorus: “Gatica and Peron / One heart …”Frequent nausea.

Gatica, one of the first stars on the Moon
Gatica, one of the first stars on the Moon

The organization on Saturday was impeccable. way of ring Lioness Acuna and Deborah Dionysius It turned out wonderful. Not to mention the gastronomic location of immense quality, care and aesthetics. There are no street vendors in bare uniforms, no shavers. Entering Luna today is like entering a theatre. From the lights to the visuals, a lot of progress has been made. In addition, there is a hierarchy in each space as the seats are more comfortable and the sound is more powerful.

the problem that caused me “Boxing Returns to Luna Park”It is not known how to control the attack of ghosts; Those ghosts who took advantage of the long-awaited event to wake up my memory. Then I remembered that in this religious system the most wonderful pages in the history of Argentine boxing were written from 1932 to 1987, the year in which Tito LectureTired of lies and betrayal, finished boxing in his stadium,

President Juan Domingo Perón and his wife Eva before a boxing evening
President Juan Domingo Perón and his wife Eva before a boxing evening

After letting the nostalgia reach me, I understood that it took more than 50 years for the legend to form, that its peak was reached between 60 and 80 and that this is not the time when Argentine boxing was in its glory. can regain.

There will be no other couple like them Ricardo Gonzalez And alfredo buenata who had to fight 7 times in the 1950s – most of them for Argentina’s featherweight crown – and although gonzalito He won 6 of those 7 fights, the fights were so lively, dramatic and even the next edition was programmed alone as demanded by the public, press and actors.

no one will be like this anymore ringo bonavena And goyo peralta, That night, all ticket sales records were broken at Luna Park: 25,236 people paid and another two thousand settled in the corridors or in front of gates and walls to watch an evening whose setting was better than a boxing spectacle, That night (5-9-65) Ringo became the Argentine Heavyweight Champion. Or that electrifying duel between Horacio Saldano and Tito Yani (3-15-80) who fought without respite for 15 minutes in the most epic and dramatic fight to be remembered on that ring. The fight was so intense that after many sufferings from one and the other, Yani won in the 5th round.

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Goyo Peralta Vs. Ringo Bonavena (Infobe) in 1965

won’t be anymore left handed louse, Prohibit Rafael Marantino, Prohibit ricardo calicchio, the three medians that fill the Moon and there may be stars in any quadrant of the world today. won’t be anymore pasculito perez, Prohibit Horacio Aquavalo, Prohibit falucho lasier -flyweight world champion-; No gustavo ballas, Prohibit ubi saco, Prohibit Sergio Victor Palma, Prohibit Victor Emilio Galindez, Prohibit Michelangelo Castellini, Prohibit Hugo Pastor Corso, Prohibit Martin Coggi, who led their campaigns in Luna Park from the beginning to reach their various world crowns. They fought at Luna on Wednesday – at the start of their campaigns – or on Saturday when they were already qualified to face international figures – Luna hired about 18 foreign boxers per year – in order to enter the WBA’s world rankings. be done and move on. and the CMB, the only two entities that existed at the time.

no one else will monsoon that he used to fight at 7 o’clock in the afternoon so that in Europe they could see him at 11 o’clock in the night to the beat of Ar-gen-ti-na; Ar-gen-ti-na!, knowing that victory was assured against Emile Griffith or Tony Mundine, though a hook forced him to look at the clock and capture Benny Briscoe, one of his 14 defenses. There was in the only hint of mystery. It was not a full moon, but it was still vibrating, I felt the victory…

and in the end no one will like Nicolino Loche, the tallest statue of the Moon. I remember with emotion those evenings where the stadium was packed. Yes, from the street came the claim of those who could not enter: “tickets sold out”, the poster said. Similarly, whether in Corrientes or Bouchard, over a hundred fans preferred to have their portable radios, listening to the fight on the radio and with the exclamations of those who filled the stadium across the street.

At about a quarter past eleven, the eyes were directed to the angle of Madero and Corrientes, which is the corridor of the changing room. Neither the reflective beam, nor the recognition curtain music, nor the bodyguards opening the way, nor the people accompanying them. In front of him, his teacher Don Paco Bermudez from childhood to glory. The occasional assistant in the back, corner. In between, he under the noise of the crowd. The teacher in his white coat with light blue highlights, his thin hair trying to cover the entire capillary helmet, the white towel around his neck, his black shoes that barely covered the end of his white stockings, and petroleum jelly. Used to allow a patina to be seen. Let her stony and angled cheekbones add more sparkle to the illuminated face.

He didn’t dance or jump. Nicolino avoided blows from his angry rivals’ fists less than fifty centimeters from the starting point, For this he chose a place in the ring, preferably near the ropes. And taking a step back he leaned on the string to pull the space backwards and use it as a movable support for the movement of his torso. He would then turn his head to both sides from the compromised radio and his opponent, whatever it was, fell in defiance of throwing his blows into the air, void and without traveling to the ring or following Loch as he Always stayed in one place.

Then, right after and immediately after the referee’s participation, he would make three short, quick steps backward or forward with an unmistakably Chaplinesque attitude. In the light camera was this great Carlitos, swinging his cane. what a great nicolino, That Luna was won in less than a public outing and by the time Ismail Laguna, a former world champion such as Brown or Carlos Ortiz, arrived, the stadium realized that he was the world champion, before it had defeated him in Tokyo (12). -12-68) to Paul Fuji. Luna Park belonged to Nicolino because there will be no one like it, there will be no one,

Nicolino Loche
loche, king of the moon

nice to clap on saturday Lioness Acuna, despite the defeat, Well, the credit for women’s boxing goes to her and her fight that women were admitted to boxing until they reached the level of maximum attractiveness, as it has now. And it’s also healthy to come along with the dreams of all the people who created this program and ten others who are already making plans for next year.

Goblins attack me while discussing advertising slogans. They accept as a fact that boxing has returned to Luna Park, but they deny that “the legend continues.” They say the legend ended in 2002 when Tito Lectre died.,

And it’s true, because the soul of boxing in Luna was she, only that…

tigress acuna
La Guerissa Dionysius dominated La Tigresa Acua and won the title at Luna Park (Photo: First Boxing)

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