Brace Hugo Jaja Between Madura United Silence Persik

SportsBrace Hugo Jaja Between Madura United Silence Persik

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MAGELANGMadura United get three points after silencing Peach Kediri 2-0 in continuation League 1 2021/2022 at Moch Stadium. Soebroto, Magelang, Wednesday (24/11/2021). Hugo ‘Jaja’ Gomes became a hero by scoring a brace (two goals) in that match.

Hugo Jaja ensured victory for Laskar Sape Kerrab -the nickname of Madura United – in the eighth minute and 52nd minute, both of which were scored from set pieces.

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In the first half, Persik Kediri appeared to dominate, but Madura United played more effectively. Persik continued to control the ball, but it was Madura who appeared more efficient with a reactive game.

Just eight minutes, Madura broke the deadlock through Hugo Gomes’ goal from the penalty spot after his colleague was dropped at the spot. The score was changed 1-0 to Madura’s advantage.

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Persik difficult to penetrate the Madura back line. Asep Berlian, who was the guard of the Madura back line inhabited by Kim Jinsung and Jaimerson, performed brilliantly.

Asep confidently cut the flow of Peach’s ball and outperformed the duel. The Madura goal continued to be safe even though the ball was controlled by the team nicknamed Laskar Joko Tingkir.

In the 19th minute, Persik’s attempt to endanger Madura goalkeeper Muhammad Ridho paid off, but Antoni Putro’s shot was still on target even though it was on target. Peach had to fight even harder.

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