Breastfeeding: For how many days is it best to breastfeed a baby What is the World Health Organization saying? , Breastfeeding: For how many days is it better to breastfeed the baby? What is the World Health Organization saying?

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Breastfeeding: Sales are like nectar. Breastfeeding can help keep the newborn healthy. Naturally available milk is great for the baby. Everyone knows this. However, breast milk contains many nutrients. Breastfeeding not only promotes the health of the baby but also fosters the loving bond between mother and child. Medical experts say that there will be a good improvement in the mental health of the child.

Benefits of Breastfeeding:

Medical experts say that the benefits of breastfeeding become even greater if the child is breastfed for five years. The National Health Service (NHS) says babies should be breastfed for as long as possible. However, the NHS did not specify at what age to stop breastfeeding. Doctors recommend that the baby be exclusively breastfed without any other liquids or solids for the first six months and then for health reasons.

Avoid transmission from mother’s milk.

Medical experts say that breastfeeding protects the baby from infection, diarrhea and vomiting. Obesity and other health problems can be avoided as children grow up. Reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in the mother. The NHS website says that once a baby is two years old, it is best to introduce solid foods along with breastmilk.

What about the World Health Organization?

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that infants be breastfed until they are two years old or older. Doctors at the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health in London say there is limited evidence that breastfeeding after two years does not provide additional nutritional benefits to the child. It is claimed that by the time a child is two years old, the child has got all the nutrients along with other foods.

Continue to breastfeed, right?

Women decide whether to continue breastfeeding or not based on several factors. They make decisions based on the convenience of breastfeeding, discomfort, family members, need to return to work, etc. About 80% of women in the UK breastfeed for a few weeks after giving birth. Most people stop afterward.

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