Brian Cashman hits back at Astros owner Jim Crane for stealing sign

Brian Cashman isn’t holding back on Astros owner Jim Crane.

There’s another wrinkle in this ongoing Yankees-Astros logo-stealing accusation saga.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman went on the offensive again to beat the Astros, who did, in fact, cheat their way to the 2017 World Series. Astros owner Jim Crane made some comments about the issue earlier this week, and Cashman was quick to fight back.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman trades more hits with Astros’ Jim Crane

Amid all the gunfire back and forth, one fact was left unmistakable: Both groups committed cheating at some point in the past decade. Yankees fined $100,000 for improper use of video room in 2015 and 2016. That compares to the meticulous planning the Astros executed during their 2017 title win, including outfield cameras and dumpster crashes.

But cheating is cheating, right? That wasn’t the tone of Cashman, who likened the team’s cheating to a “parking ticket” and the Astros’ cheating to a “162 felonies.”

However, I cannot say that this assessment is completely out of date. The Houston scandal was far more complex and bigger than the Yankees scandal, and it even won a championship. If anything, even the so-called Red Sox cheating in 2018 was worse than anything the Yankees did because the former also won a championship that year.

However, Jim Crane doesn’t appear to be backing down from the charges, nor does Brian Cashman’s latest round of shooting change things. The Astros owner will certainly be a staunch defender of the organization, as will Brian Cashman be a staunch defender of the New York Yankees. So, this very public saga continues…

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