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Children are not okay. According to the founder of Wave, 75% of Gen Z suffer from mental health. To be clear, not all of them meet the criteria for diagnosable mental illness, but they need more than a firm handshake and the words “Good luck, son.” Wave’s primary focus is on a digital platform that takes a comprehensive approach to providing tools and techniques that young people can use.

The app will be released as a test version for general users in early 2022, and will be widely deployed to more consumers by the end of the year. The company’s founder is Dr. Sarah Adler, a professor of psychiatry and clinical psychologist at Stanford University. She wants to tell the world what the app does, but she’s a little cautious until the app is widely available to the public. Dr. Adler has spent his career building innovative delivery models that improve access to care through user-centered design. She combines data-based digital solutions with trained, low-cost human resources such as health coaches, especially those who were previously unheard of and overlooked (such as GSRM and BIPOC). On the other hand, we believe that it is the best way to provide high quality care on a large scale.

I asked Dr. Adler for an example of the exercises that this app can offer.

“One of our basic beliefs comes from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an evidence-based treatment for anxiety and depression. We are in life. I think the reason you make the wrong or unpleasant decisions is because you’re not sure what’s important to you. Exercises that clarify your values ​​are for you therapists. If you have the therapist and can afford to pay $ 250 an hour, it’s an exercise you can do with the therapist, but we’ve come up with a more attractive exercise. , With a video game-like experience, exercises that clarify values, and finally evoke emotions that you want to evoke neurochemically in your brain, much like you would receive therapy with me. ” Explained Dr. Adler. Dr. Adler said, “Once my values ​​are clear, I can see how to make decisions. What actions do I want to take in line with my important values? Tonight’s friends By knowing your long-term goals and values, you can harmonize your actions, which helps you make decisions. “

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The company has just announced that it has closed a $ 2 million pre-seed round at the end of the summer of 2021. The round was led by Hannah Gray VC, K50 Ventures, Tribe Capital, Alumni Venture Group, Verissimo Ventures and Conscience VC. (Concise VC), and a selection of strategic angels participated.

“In 2020 alone, 25 in the mental health sector to build and extend products that are not scientifically backed, deeply involved in the comprehensive user experience, and show no reproducible results. A huge amount of money has been invested in excess of $ 100 million, “said Dr. Adler. “Wave isn’t just interested in business metrics such as downloads, sign-ups, and pilots, it’s aiming for tangible results that deliver measurable results for people who previously couldn’t get care. “.

“We’re not fighting social media. We’re trying to integrate with social media. We need to meet where users are in order to reach and be interested in them. I think it’s more important, especially if it’s a generation that’s completely tied to a mobile phone. We call it a digital ecosystem, where it has the best evidence-based content and It integrates an immersive experience with the best video gaming technology, but I’m not talking about the token economy, but what the video gaming industry has learned and what people have to learn. It means a way to stay interested, “Dr. Adler explained. “We create an immersive experience and provide it for people to use it over and over again, which ultimately leads to better people.”

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(Sentence: Haje Jan Kamps, Translation: Yuta Kaminishi)


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