Wednesday, July 6, 2022

British Defense Ministry: Ukrainian forces continue to counterattack in the north of Kharkiv

Ukrainian soldiers fired mortars at a place in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine on the 9th.Reuters

Latest update from the British Ministry of Defense on 12thUkraineSituation Briefing notes that Ukrainian forces are continuing their counter-offensive north of Kharkiv.RussiaThe Russian preference for recapturing many towns and villages along the border and military operations in the Donbass region has also left units stationed in the Kharkov region vulnerable to mobile and highly aggressive Ukrainian counter-offensive forces.

The British side reported that despite Russia’s success in besieging Kharkiv in the early stages of the conflict, Russia reportedly withdrew troops from the area after heavy losses.reconstructionand complementary forces. Once reorganized, these units would likely be stationed on the eastern bank of the Siversky Donets River to form a barrier force to defend the western flank where the main Russian forces are concentrated and the main supply line for operations near Izium. Is.

The British decided that the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kharkov region was an acknowledgment in their inability to capture the main Ukrainian cities where they expected limited resistance from the population.

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