British royal family accuses BBC of “presenting it as fact” baseless and exaggerated “claims”

WorldBritish royal family accuses BBC of "presenting it as...

  • A television report revealing the rivalry and tension between Prince William and his brother Henry haunts Buckingham Palace

  • Titled “The Princess and the Press”, it is directed by a journalist who does not hide his Republican sympathies and who calls the monarchy “somewhat absurd”.

rivalry between Prince William and his brother Henry And how they both use the media in recent years is a thorny issue dealt with by a BBC documentary, poorly digested by the royal family, The war between the two children of Diana of Wales, with rumours, leaks to the tabloids and third-party allegations, reached its peak with the arrival of actress Meghan Markle. The public broadcaster broadcast the first of two deliveries on Monday “The Princess and the Press”, By reporter Amol Rajan, who does not hide his Republican sympathies and describes the monarchy as something “absurd”. Communications services in service of royalties tried to preview the content of the documentary before broadcast, which was refused by those responsible for the BBC.


In a statement issued at the end of the first part of the event, the royal family defends “a free, responsible and open press of vital importance to a healthy democracy”. However, too often, exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims from anonymous sources are presented as facts and it is disappointing that anyone, including the BBC, gives credence to them.”, On note are the palaces of Buckingham, Clarence House and Kensington, the respective “courts and rdquor; and residences of Isabel II, his son Carlos and his grandson Guillermo.

without morality and merciless

The documentary features many testimonies from regular journalists on real matters, but also from someone reputed for their political interviews such as Andrew Marr, The author of the biography of the queen. Markle’s lawyer also intervenes, Jenny Afia, and Gavin Burroughs, a private detective who worked for the Rupert Murdoch tabloids and Tapped Chelsea Davy’s phone, One of Prince Henry’s girlfriends. Burroughs dives into the young woman‘s medical history in search of a possible abortion, for which he now apologizes. He claims that the decade of the 2000s, the media had “no morals”; And they were “ruthless”, especially towards Enrique, as his stories were selling better than those of his brother.

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Markle’s arrival prompts her husband to an open war with the press and a final break with his brother and the rest of the family. “The story that no one wanted to work for the Duchess of Sussex because she was a very troublesome or demanding boss and everyone left Kensington Palace is simply a lie,” confirms California lawyer does.

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compromise or conflict

Since they were children, Guillermo and Enrique have had a very difficult relationship with the media. Both blame the photographers and journalists for the death of their mother Diana of Wales. The first as the future king knows he must agree. Your brother has chosen the path of confrontation. He and Meghan have both filed multiple lawsuits against the tabloids and are awaiting an appeal against the ‘Mail on Sunday’ accused of violating his privacy by publishing a letter the Duchess wrote to her father.

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