Broadway theaters install infrared camera system to capture audience members trying to record nude scenes

Earlier this week, cellphone videos of Tony-nominated actor Jesse L. Williams and co-star Michael Oberholzer were released from one of their dramas, “Take Me Out” Shot in nude scenes. deadline The theaters in the second stage of the show’s Broadway run have taken steps to keep cellphones in the hands of audience members during the show, requiring the use of a Yondr bag, which is supposed to lock a cellphone when someone is in the restricted area, the report said.

Not sure if someone opened the bag (there are a lot of videos online claiming to show how to open the bag without the patented magnets designed to open and close them) or just sneak a device inside.

A sort of statement A post on the theater’s Twitter account said “taking a nude picture of anyone without their consent is highly objectionable and could have serious legal consequences” and called the act “a serious and unacceptable violation of the theater” Trust between actors and audience in the community.”

Now, a spokesman for the theatre told deadline and New York Times It had a new infrared camera set up, pointed at the audience, and monitored by security to see if anyone tried to use the recording equipment.Phase 2 production director Peter Dean told era The new system adds point, tilt and zoom to their existing measures, so they can focus on one person and see if they’re actually doing something bad.

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