Bruno Pacheco: Prosecutor’s Office Comes to Government Palace to Investigate Former Secretary of the Presidential Office

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A team from the Lima Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office entered the government palace on the morning of Friday, 19 November and carried out a series of proceedings against him. Former Secretary of the President‘s Office, Bruno Pacheco, Preliminary interrogation is being done for allegedly putting pressure on Sunat’s head.

“Preliminary proceedings were initiated against Arnulfo Bruno Pacheco Castillo and those responsible for an alleged offense against the public administration of effect to the detriment of the state, informed of public ministry through your account Twitter,

“The Special Prosecutor’s Office investigates the officers’ corruption offenses, under the coordination of Senior Prosecutor Omar Tello Rosales, Inspired by public information on alleged irregular actions by Pacheco before Sunat in favor of private companies,He added.

He also specified that “The Fourth Office of the Second Provincial Corporate Prosecutor’s Office, within the framework of its investigation, specializing in corruption crimes of officials, Verify whether there are elements of a conviction that determine whether there is probable cause for criminal charge,,

The team is headed by prosecutor Marco Huaman.

Chats where I’d ask the head of Sunat for business help

Former Secretary of the Presidential Office of the Government Palace, Bruno Pacheco Castillo, I would have tried to ask for favors Luis Enrique Vera Castillo, Superintendent of National Customs and Tax Administration (Sanat), For companies with debt in your environment,

This was announced on Monday by the Lima Gris portal, which published captures of WhatsApp chats that Bruno Pacheco may have sent to the head of Sunat.

you can see the chat Here,

Bruno Pacheco turns down orders

,I categorically deny that I have used my position to put pressure on the authorities and favor third parties. I am sure the investigation will find out where does this malicious information come from that the only thing they want is to destabilize the government.Bruno Pacheco tweeted after the complaint was discovered.

Bruno Pacheco resigned on Twitter on Friday, 19 November

“I am resigning from SG with the belief that I have not done anything wrong. I step aside to avoid the President. Be the subject of this smear campaign. I leave with my head held high and the assurance that my innocence will be proved. I will continue working for Peru!”, was the tweet Bruno Pacheco published his resignation as Secretary of the Government Palace following the latest scandals of irregular promotions in the Armed Forces. And the pressure on Sunat’s head.

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Pacheco He also indicated his conditional respect with the President of the Republic in another tweet and ensured that “I won’t be an “excuse” of each other to “hit” the leader of the government of the people and the democracy. Truth sets us free!”.

Bruno Pacheco's resignation tweet
Bruno Pacheco’s resignation tweet
Bruno Pacheco's resignation tweet
Bruno Pacheco’s resignation tweet

Bruno Pacheco It took center stage in recent weeks after former Army Commander General, Jorge Vizcarra López was mentioned in a complaint of irregularities in promotion within the armed forces as Pacheco’s promotion of two officers working with Pedro Castillo. put pressure on

complaints against you

NS The Public Prosecutor’s Office specializing in corruption crimes condemned the Secretary General of the Government Palace before the Ministry of Public, Bruno Pacheco And those who are responsible, after it was revealed that, through WhatsApp chat, they tried to put pressure on the superintendent Call, louis vera, to request that it endorse certain companies and legal entities.

lawyer through a document Javier Pacheco Asked the prosecution to order preliminary inquiry Alleged offenses of peddling and effecting illegal sponsorship against Sunat.

The Ministry of Public Affairs will be the one to initiate the preliminary investigation and order the due process of cases to be completed, so that “criminal responsibility is met in a timely manner.”

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