Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Buffett’s last charity lunch hits record high

“Stock God”buffettLast Charity LunchauctionThe bid closed on the evening of the 17th, and finally the hammer fell with more than 19 million yuan, surpassing the record 4.57 million yuan set in 2019, rewriting the record high, and for this good deed Skipping an ideal period.

Reuters reported that the charity event had entered its 21st and last year, and was suspended two years ago due to the pandemic. The previous highest bid was set by cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun, who bid 4.57 million yuan in 2019. The starting price of this year was 25,000 yuan. After five days of bidding on the auction site eBay, it was finally auctioned for 19 million, 100 yuan. , more than four times the previous record. This year’s winning bidders declined to be identified.

An eBay spokesperson said the luncheon was the most expensive charity auction in eBay history.

All money is donated to Glide, a non-profit charity in San Francisco, which in turn helps the poor, homeless and drug abusers, providing food, shelter, HIV and hepatitis C testing, job training. and provides child care. Program. Buffett, 91, has held charity luncheon auctions since 2000, and has now raised more than $53.2 million for Glide.

Winning bidders can invite up to seven people to have lunch with Buffett at Smith & Wolensky’s Steakhouse in Manhattan. Any topic can be discussed at the dinner table that day, with the only exception being that Buffett is ahead. Maybeinvests project.

Winning bidders over the years have included big names in the financial world, such as hedge fund trader David Einhorn, and Ted Weschler, who turned investment manager at Berkshire who had two lunches with Buffett, and their bids totaled $5 million. was more.


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