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Buying a luxury mansion in Shanghai, the formaldehyde exceeds the norm and the man gets sick?Developer: Humanism gives 5 thousand

Mr., a software engineer in Shandong, spent about 10 million yuan to buy a 132-square-meter hardcover house in Shanghai Pudong New Area. After closing the house, he not only found 52 decoration defects, but also filed a lawsuit in court because of excessive formaldehyde. But it was rejected, and only 5,000 yuan of humanitarian care compensation was received from the developer.

He said that in 2016, he and his wife spent 9.45 million yuan (about US$1.4 million) to buy a 132-square-meter hardcover house in the Jinxiukiancheng district of Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, according to New Yellow River. When I moved into the new house in January 2018, I found several problems. “The toilet was set up almost against the wall, there was only 8cm of space left on the right, and I couldn’t even sit down; the marble was damaged and cracked in many places, the walls were peeled off, the wallpaper It woke up, the floor rattled, the tiles on the wall were hollow in many places, and there were no sockets in the washing machine room, no sockets in the children’s room, etc.” A total of 52 renewal defects were found.

The person wrote that 52 renewals were missing in the new district. (taken from the New Yellow River)

Mr. He then contacted the property and the developer to report the situation, and it was not until early March 2018 that the developer hired a decorator to repair the house. To ensure the quality of the renovation, Mr. decided to move into the new house and act as supervisor.

“The house always smelled at the time, but given that the house had been handed over for four months, there shouldn’t be a problem, so I went in on my own.” However, what Mr. didn’t expect was that after surviving a few days, he started experiencing symptoms of bleeding, sore throat and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection, the doctors said. that it may be related to toxic gases such as formaldehyde.

Because he suspected that the interior decoration materials were not environmentally friendly enough, Mr. invited a professional organization to carry outtraceIt shows that the formaldehyde exceeds the norm in the secondary bedroom, and the TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) is higher than the norm in the master bedroom, secondary bedroom, and living room.

However, the Lujiazui group did not accept this test report saying that Mr. had kept the house locked for several days when he did a unilateral test, which did not meet the test conditions. According to inspections commissioned by the group, there is no more harmful gas like formaldehyde than the standard, and Mr. He lived during the maintenance of the house, even though he fell ill, it was due to his own fault. Out of human concern, Lujiazui Group paid 5,000 yuan in compensation to the decoration unit.

Because both sides asserted their respective opinions, Mr. sued in court. In the end, the court held that the case was unilaterally accepted in October 2018, 10 months after the defendants handed over the house, and the plaintiffs unilaterally. The case was handed over in April 2018. Nearly half a year has passed since the trial, and it is still impossible to confirm through technical means whether the home’s air quality was above standard when the defendant handed over the home or when the plaintiff assigned the unilateral test.

Furthermore, the plaintiff alleges that the illnesses he suffered were caused by extreme air quality in the home, and there is no evidence to support this. The court therefore dismissed the plaintiff’s claim, but agreed that the defendant voluntarily paid 5,000 yuan to the plaintiff.

Mr. refused to accept the decision and appealed successively to the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court and the Shanghai High People’s Court, but all were dismissed.


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