Buzova stated that the Moscow Art Theater owed her half a million

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Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova stated that the Moscow Art Academic Theater named after M. Gorky owed her a half-million fee for the play “Wonderful Georgian”. The celebrity said that she plans to resolve this issue through a lawyer. The singer gave a comment published on the NTV website to the program “You won’t believe it!”

According to her, the management of the theater did not inform her about the cancellation of the production. In addition, she was not paid a salary, which, according to journalists, is about 450 thousand rubles. “They don’t get in touch with me. As a person who abides by the law in all respects, I will resolve this circumstance with my lawyer, “Buzova said.

Earlier, the new director general of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, Volodymyr Kekhman, explained that the reason for canceling the performance from Buzova was financial problems. He noted that this was a pragmatic decision due to low ticket sales. According to him, he spoke with Buzova and warned about the shooting.

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On October 31, it became known about the cancellation of the play with the participation of Buzova “Wonderful Georgian”, which was to be shown at the Moscow Art Theater on Tuesday, November 2. Later, the singer, commenting on the cancellation of the play with her participation, wished the theater that the sale of tickets for all performances was the same as in “Wonderful Georgian”, and attached a screenshot showing that all tickets for the production were sold.


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