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The company notified a local team on November 22, India time, when ByteDance would stop its EdTech business in India, two sources who knew directly about the matter said.

Officials said the decision was the result of weeks of discussions that also considered linking the Indian team with the European EdTech team. Most, if not all, employees will be dismissed, one of the people said. The EdTech division employed more than 30 people in India.

ByteDance’s flagship product, TikTok, was banned in India in 2020, but its at least two businesses (the education and learning app Snapsolve and the music streaming service Resso) continue to operate in India. There is. ByteDance reduced many of India‘s employees in 2020, but continued to hire talent for its music and EdTech businesses.

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However, both brands remain modest in the country, and employees are advised not to speak publicly about these businesses, according to people familiar with the matter.

SnapSolve, which competes with Doubtnut, is an app that allows students from 6th grade to 12th grade (3rd grade high school in Japan) to take pictures of math problems and upload them to find out how to solve the problem. .. Doubtnut is funded by Sequoia Capital India and James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems.

ByteDance recently posted some new jobs for India‘s EdTech business as of October. We asked the company for comment, but no response was obtained.

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