Wednesday, July 6, 2022

California Red Flag Law Prevents 6 Shootings in Half a Year, 1 Case on the Same Day as Texas Elementary School Shooting

Used by Santa Clara County Police six times in the last six monthscalifornia“Red flag law” means that when there is a threat of violence, police confiscate the firearms of suspects and stop the violence beforehand. One incident happened on the same day as the shooting at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas. At the time, Los Alto police announced that a junior high school student had threatened to shoot on campus. Police immediately obtained a firearms restraining order from the court and went to the student’s home to seize the suspected firearms.

Members of Congress from both parties are currently introducing similar bills that would allow the nationpoliceUsing laws similar to Red Flag law, act first when a threat of shooting violence is detected, confiscate the firearms and weapons, and stop the violence in advance.

San Jose City Attorney Nora Freeman said the red flag law will work whether it is on a school campus or elsewhere.

domestic violence, mental illness, suicide, threats to coworkers, neighbours, or road rage problems arise, such as when police or social people think there may be a sudden outburst of gunshots, they turn red. Can use the flag law to find a murder weapon of the suspect to apply to the court for a firearms restraining order. As in the case of the Los Alto Junior High School students described above, police can anticipate that there may be danger and activate a red flag law.

According to a report released in early June by the Violence Prevention Research Program in Davis, two years after California’s 2016 Red Flag law took effect, a total of 58 people threatening gun homicide were confiscated with weapons. .

Proponents of the red flag law pointed out that if the words and actions of certain people suggest that they would hurt themselves or others, the police may use the red flag law to act first, confiscating weapons on these people. and prevent the outbreak of violence. tragedies. This red flag is the actual effect of the law.

The anti-red flag camp argues that the ban lacks “due process” that law enforcement officers must follow. Matthew Larosier, a policy advisor for the Firearms Policy Coalition, a firearms ownership group in Sacramento, explained that red flag law denies firearms owners the opportunity to go to court and forfeit a seizure without due process of law. Firearms create injustice.

Under California’s Red Flag law, police, family members, teachers, employers, and coworkers can apply to a magistrate for a “prevention of gun violence order” or emergency protection order to confiscate a firearm in someone’s possession for 21 days. can. People who receive a firearms violence restraining order or emergency protection order should immediately hand over their firearms to the police or firearms dealer for safekeeping. After a judicial hearing process, the red flag law can be extended for up to five years.

California’s Red Flag law was introduced in 2019 by State Representative Phil Ting, a Democrat representing the San Francisco area. Ding Yuli said that since the introduction of the red flag law, California courts have issued more than 1,700 firearm ban orders. Santa Clara County courts issued restraining orders 52 times and Contra Costa County six times.

According to reports, there have been repeated threats of gun violence on school campuses in various counties in the Bay Area. On June 14, police in Foster City, San Mateo County, Mid-Peninsula, informed the parents of a student at Borrell Junior High School that the student had been expelled from campus by police, after being informed that The student was checking a gun. his laptop. With the names of some classmates. Police determined that the student was armed with a shotgun.


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