Called Lazy Player, Phillipe Coutinho Challenges Journalists

SportsCalled Lazy Player, Phillipe Coutinho Challenges Journalists

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BARCELONAPhillipe Coutinho sultry is called a lazy and windy player in Barcelona . The former Liverpool star even challenged journalists to look at his track record.

Previously, as reported by Marca after Barcelona’s 3-3 draw with Deportivo Alaves, the Brazilian star had an argument with interim coach, Sergi Barjuan.

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In the match which took place on Saturday, October 31, 2021, Coutinho was not played by Barjuan, even though he had been told to warm up in the hot sun. Barjuan instead took down Alejandro Balde instead of him.

Coutinho was then rumored to have had a fight with Barjuan. The interim coach before his position was taken over by Xavi Hernandez was said to be unhappy with the unprofessional attitude shown by his foster children.

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Coutinho then dismissed the news. The 29-year-old claims to always be professional wherever he plays, even Coutinho challenging journalists to check his track record as a footballer.

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“I was surprised when I got home and saw the news in the media, I was called a lazy player in the media. I have always been professional throughout my career. I never lack professionalism. You can see my track record at the clubs I’ve played for,” Coutinho said.

“I always respect everyone; coaches, coaching staff, teammates, everyone I’ve worked with. I admit I was a little surprised when I saw that. But that’s okay, I respect your opinion, journalists,” said Coutinho.

In terms of Barjuan as the coach who handled Coutinho in that match also raised his voice. The former Barcelona youth team coach said that he was too carried away by the tension of the match, so he was wrong when determining the selection of substitutions.

“I’m not focused on that. I’m watching a very demanding match. In 10 days, I feel like everyone suits me. Obviously for those who haven’t played (under me), it’s difficult.”


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