Saturday, August 6, 2022

Canada to temporarily ban handgun imports, halt sale, import and transfer nationwide

CanadaThe government announced on the 5th that it would temporarily ban the import of handguns from the 19th until Congress passed a gun ban law.

Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino said handguns have only one purpose, and that is to kill.

Conservative Party of CanadaLok SabhaRaquel Dancho condemned the move, saying it would not effectively address the issue of gun violence, unilaterally ban imports without Congress’ input, and lead to a multi-billion dollar industry and thousands of retailers and small businesses. will affect.

Canadian Prime MinisterTrudeauThe government introduced a gun control bill, known as the C-21, in May that would include a nationwide ban on the import, purchase, sale and transfer of handguns, but the bill is still pending before Congress takes its summer break. had not yet passed. It is expected to resume in September. debate again.

Canada’s gun laws are stricter than those of the United States, but Canadians can apply for a license to own a gun and the gun is required to be registered.


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