Candidates from the firms that spent the most and least money on the campaign

U.S.A.Candidates from the firms that spent the most and...

Presidential candidates: Alejandro Gaviria, Enrique Pealosa, Juan Carlos Echeveri and Federico Gutierrez. Photos: Colpressa.

This week has passed the deadline for significant movements of citizens or society to register their candidatures with signatures for the 2022 presidential elections and they will have to submit nearly a million signatures by the next 17 December to seek independent candidacy. Of the 46 citizens who met to date, the former mayor of Bucaramanga, Rodolfo Hernandez, is the one who spent the most money.

This candidate has not received any donations and the total income for his campaign is his own resources and amounted to $1,337,988,666 while his expenses are $1,335,784,340, which is more than 2 million pesos left for these months for now. $18,952,461 has been spent on political campaigning.

Who follows Hernandez? alejandro gaviria, which officially launched its campaign in August and spent $703,781,905, but reported only $484,600,000 in income that comes from donations from individuals. In other words, you spent more than you got. In the election campaign, Gaviria and his campaign Colombia Has a Future have invested just over 19 million pesos.

The company that pays the most to Gaviria is carvajal With 30 million assets and investments and the most dedicated person is Martin Jose Carioza Calle who is part of its financial team and has distributed a total of 100 million pesos to various charities.

In third place is Juan Carlos Echeveri with his campaign proceeds for $423,562,327, of which 320,000,000 are charities and $373,461,690 with expenses. The rest of the donations come from the way that was counted in the money for the report. In promotions, ‘Palante con echevery’ has spent just over 73 million pesos. The total contribution to his campaign is from a foundation called Transformacion Colombia.

The foundation that Echeveri helped support is dedicated to “improving the lives of all Colombians through innovative and progressive ideas, as well as fostering strong leadership and concerted action. Our goal is not just to change the conversation.” , but also to change the country.

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then there are Federico Gutierrez 367 million pesos were received, of which 340 million are contributions and only over 27 in the form of aid. A total of 283 million have been spent, of which 214 million have been earmarked for political campaigning. then continue Roy Barrerasso It has contributed 204 million closed pesos from its own resources and spent 137 million, of which 6.3 million went to election campaigns and just over 45 million in investments for materials and publications.

The former mayor of Bogota, Enrique Pealosa, has received $564 million and spent 82 million, of which 9 million are in transportation and 1 million in financial costs. The former president was the second person to register his committee (June 25), after Rafael Augusto Capacho, who has already conceded defeat.

who have reported at least

Among the most famous candidates, france marquez, according to the historical treaty, he did not report any income or expenditure of his campaign; All fields are in nil, indicating that it has not received support from any entity or individual, not even its own. Such is the case with Colonel Publio Hernán Mejia, who was greeted by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) for telling the truth about false positives. And that there is currently a candidature for signature.

For his part, Luis Emilio Pérez Gutierrez, the former mayor of Medellin and governor of Antioquia as of 2020, reported an income of $39,552,918, of which 25 million pesos are his own resources and the rest in kind. Of the total, $14,552,918 has been spent and more than 5 million are for campaigning.

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