Card Biden essentially shames US budget for second global new crown summit

The number of new coronary pneumonia-related deaths in the United States has passed the 1 million mark, and President Biden will order the flag to be lowered at half-mast in tribute. (European news agency)

world’s second new crownEpidemicThe video summit took place on the morning of the 12th, Eastern Time. Germany, Canada and South Korea all proposed the next phase of the aid budget investigation. The US government prides itself as a global leader in fighting the pandemic, but was forced by Congress to defer additional commitments that might not have been originally expected.

PresidentBidenThe opening statement said it will continue to promote vaccines, and will share with the World Health Organization (WHO) related patented technologies such as the new Crown vaccine and tests that are still in the early stages of development, and the world Will encourage manufacturers from across the world to collaborate. In development for the benefit of China.Low incomeNation.

According to a list of White House achievements, the United States will invest an additional $200 million in the World Bank’s Global Public Health Fund, share new coronavirus-related technologies, and support low-income countries to conduct operations for the new coronavirus. will invest $20 million in Testing and treatment.

The new Crown supplement budget proposed by the Biden administration in early March totaled US$22.5 billion, of which US$5 billion was used to aid the global fight against the pandemic. The entire matter was opposed by the Republican Party in Congress and has been delayed to this day.

“This pandemic is not over yet,” Biden said. One million people in the United States have died from new crown disease, an irreparable loss to every family. The international community must start now to prevent the next type of virus and the next pandemic.

The video summit was co-hosted by the United States, Belize, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal. Senior US officials said countries around the world have so far invested more than $3 billion to tackle the new crown virus; In the next phase of anti-epidemic work, Germany has pledged to provide $1.5 billion, Canada has donated an additional US$732 million, and South Korea has invested US$300 million.

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More than half of new Crown patients continue to experience fatigue, sleeplessness, and other complications after 2 years

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