Carina Lau excitedly licks the face of a white foreigner and spends 6,000 Hong Kong dollars in one go

Carina Lau returned to Hong Kong in a low-key way and asked her hairdresser friend to straighten her hair. (from Xiaohongshu@Carina Lau)

hong kongWell-known actress Carina Lau is busy with her work. She had earlier revealed that she was in Shanghai and had gone out for nucleic acid testing. However, she returned to Hong Kong yesterday and accidentally uncovered her multi-billion dollar mansion. Carina Lau uploaded a picture with Jin on Xiaohongshu on the 11th. The face-up photo of a foreigner is curious. It turns out that the man is Kim Robinson, a famous hairstylist. If you want to fix her hair at least HK$6,000 (about US$764), Carina Lau’s posting coordinate is from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

In the photo, I saw Carina Lau with a ruddy face and very short hair, leaning lightly on Kim’s chest, with her left hand bent over her face to take a photo. It can be seen that the two have an excellent friendship. Kim posted a photo with Carina Lau and left a message “It’s always a pleasure to be with you.”

Kim’s clients are said to have included many big stars, including Anita Mui, Lin Qingxia, Lin Yilian and Wang Mingquan. However, when Carina Lau returns to Hong Kong, who has not been seen for over a year, she may not be able to see her husband.Tony LeungBecause Tony Leung goes out too often, and at the end of AprilJapanActor’s husband and wife Mu Kang having dinner in Tokyo. In fact, Carina Lau once said that her husband loves solitude, “You can fly alone to Japan for a few months. If he needs personal space, I’ll give it to him. Really meeting with him.” It’s important. Be patient.”

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