Carlos Vives will posthumously sing with Lagarda on album

U.S.A.Carlos Vives will posthumously sing with Lagarda on album

Daniela Lagarda and Carlos Vives (@danielalegarda)

recently Daniela And maria lagarda Announced via a video on their social networks that they will release a new album by his brother Fabio, who died in February 2019 from a stray bullet in Medellin. The sisters make a special call to Jay Balvin and Carlos Vives to collaborate on the disc, an invitation that Samarium has already accepted.

Lagarda left many songs in the production process before she died, and her sisters will enable the public and fans to hear them through this new project. “what a thrill Watch this video and listen to these words from Lagarda. Girls, you know you’re counting on me, ”Vives said before the proposal, which, according to the sisters, was the singer’s desire.

Daniela and Maria enthusiastically celebrate the comment that Wives left on his post, saying that he is fulfilling his brother’s dream. ,Thanks to Carlos for answering us and making this dream a reality. You don’t know what that means, you’re going to love the music (…) They are not happy to know that my brother is making a dream come true, we have no words”.

The album is planned for release in 2022 and has yet to receive a response from Jay Balvin, whom he describes as his search for heaven and earth at the hands of his followers. The album was announced on the birthday of the singer.

In fact, Carlos Vives was one of the artists who raised their voice against Fabio’s death in 2019.”No more bullets that blind dreams, that the young grow old with a happy heart. If the country wants to become a country one day, don’t kill it. Rest in peace, Lagarda. Luisa Fernanda, a big hug,” he wrote in an Instagram post at the time.

Maria a few months ago lagardaKnown as ‘Miss Lagarda’ on social networks, she published two emotional messages depicting the great void left by the artist in her heart and those around her.

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“After losing a loved one, you learn that you will one day be happy again when the time comes, but sometimes you realize how much pain your soul still feels at any given moment under that smile. Is”, Maria Lagarda wrote in her Instagram stories.

The publication was shared via the Instagram page ‘Rachisms’ in charge of following in the footsteps of celebrities. There you can see another photo shared by the influencer in which Maria Lagarda is seen with her eyes covered in tears.

“Cry, give yourself permission to feel, feel all those useless feelings you need to feel and then wake up. Today is a great day and I am celebrating so many incredible things, but it is those moments when pain can kill us too and remind us of the “absence” of that loved one. Just remember that you are not weak if you cry and you are allowed, just be sure to remember that you are not alone.”, The girl pointed.

Messages of support for the oldest Lagarda women in the publication of the Instagram account that replicated the images were immediate:

“Death of a loved one is never far”, “I lost my brother a month ago and there is not a day I don’t miss him”, “Of the whole family he was the most affected”, ” Fabio Lagarda He will never be forgotten, with the nobility and joy that he has for “What a sad loss”, “He is perfect”, among others.

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