Cases of murder of women and other forms of violence against women are on the rise in Colombia

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Their gender is costing their integrity and even their lives for dozens of women in Colombia who are victims of women’s murders and other forms of violence. The nation‘s Attorney General’s Office assured that between January and August this year alone, it has registered 630 murder cases involving women. According to the organization, these figures are grim and troubling, even though there are no cases that can be directly classified as homicides.

“The statistics of violence against women are not only horrifying but also painful. How much data do we see and how much do we not know? The nation‘s Attorney General Margarita Cabello said.

Also, the Ombudsman’s Office presented its latest gender-based violence bulletin with data it had collected during the year and indicated that of the reported homicides, it had already confirmed that 64 cases were female- related to murder. In addition, he is aware of 76 cases of attempt to commit the same offence.

The Ombudsman’s office reported that most of the murders took place in Córdoba, where 12 cases have been reported; Santander and Caqueta each report six cases in the department; and Kaka, where four cases are counted. Similarly, there is a significant report of attempted femicide in Norte de Santander (24), Choco (8), Cundinamarca (6), Caca (5) and Santander (4).

Officials indicated that violence against women has unfortunately increased significantly during the pandemic. From 2018 to 2021, the Office of the Ombudsman registered 351 cases of alleged murder of women and most of them since 2020.

“The Ombudsman’s office warned that measures adopted during the pandemic, especially confinement, meant that it was impossible to report home invasions and co-existence with criminals was required. During 2020, 136 femicides and 193 attempted femicides were detected. And in 2019, there were 68 homicides and 125 homicide attempts. 2020 was the year in which the institution ran into more cases for this infringing conduct,” said Carlos Camargo, Ombudsman.

Public ministries, on the other hand, revealed that more than 12,281 women have been affected by interpersonal violence and 24,492 have been victims of domestic violence. During pandemics, for example, cases and different types of violence increased: economically by 95%; Equity in 70%; Physics in 61%; Psychological in 43% and sexual in 31%.

“The main attackers are partners, ex-partners and acquaintances, so it is estimated that women are at increased risk of violence in their family and trusted environments. The pandemic has created barriers to women accessing their rights and a life free from violence. made visible and deepened, and reiterated that the most unsafe place for some women is their own home,” the office of the Ombudsman explained.

In addition to those close to them, the next attackers are illegal armed groups, due to the influence that the struggle continues to represent for women. And finally, agents of the state represented in the public force and public authorities of government entities. The Office of the Ombudsman was concerned about this variable because the latter are the ones that, in theory, should protect the human rights of women.

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In order to eliminate any form of violence against women, the Attorney General’s Office requested that special programs be created to meet the diverse needs of women. In addition, he called for radical solutions, including the development of policies to guarantee timely, dignified and adequate health care.

In this petition, he requested to take into account the creation of employment opportunities and incentives for women’s economic initiatives, their entry into various educational programmes, and support for training processes and political participation of women.

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