Chavismo was awarded 9 of the 10 most important mayors in Venezuela in elections marked by restraint and violence.

U.S.A.Chavismo was awarded 9 of the 10 most important...

Diosado Cabello, Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv)

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) controls nine of the 10 mayors of the most important cities in the Caribbean country, including the capital municipality of Libertador made up of the city of Caracas. The results of the elections held this Sunday, November 21, which were marked with acts of heavy restraint and violence over the course of a day, showed that only Maracaibo, where the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) won, escaped Chavismo.

Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracay, Ciudad Guiana, Barcelona, ​​San Cristóbal, Maturín and Barinas have already defined mayors.According to the results released by the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela.

He won the Libertador municipality of Caracas. Carmen Melendez, was consistent with the victory in Valencia Julio Fuenmayer, Barquisimeto will be governed by louis reyes, In Maracay he commands Rafael Morales placeholder image, The mayor of Ciudad Guyana is Tito Oviedo, He won in Barcelona suge herrera, silfredo zambrano Won in San Cristobal. The mayor in Maturin is Anna Freits, In the end, Barinas will be governed by Rafael Paredes, According to the Venezuelan newspaper, these are all pieces of PSUV National.

Maracaibo, the capital of the state of Zulia, is the only one of the most important municipalities to have escaped the control of Chavismo. Rafael Ramirez Colina wins over Willy Casanova from MUD, who served as mayor in the expiring term. Ramírez received a total of 197,286 votes, which was 51.50% of the total, while Casanova had to settle with 130,883 votes, 34.17% of the total.

Julia again became a stronghold of the opposition. not only Manuel Rosales scores crucial victory over Chavista Omar Prieto, and again gained governorship, but the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) also won in Maracaibo and San Francisco, where Chavismo had broken through and ruled from the previous period.

Manuel Rosales, elected governor of the state of Zulia
Manuel Rosales, elected governor of the state of Zulia

Total MUD has 12 mayors and PSUV has only 3 mayors. Results for 6 municipalities in Zulia have not yet been totaled: Catatumbo, Guajira, Jesus Maria Semprun, Machias de Perija, Mara and Santa Rita.

Rafael Ramirez is the new mayor of Colina Maracaibo. Gustavo Fernandez, also from MUD, is now the Regent of San Francisco.

And if that wasn’t enough, The political structure of the MUD, specifically the Un Nuevo Tiempo party, Rosales, also emerged victorious on the east bank of the lake., where only Miranda escapes from them (Santa Rita is in contention); and to the south of Lake Maracaibo, where it did not lose any mayor’s office, although still a totality in the two municipalities, published National.

Chavismo won only in Miranda, Almirante Padilla and Jess Enrique Losada.

The CNE announced in the second bulletin of the results of regional and municipal elections that 322 of the 335 posts of mayors could be decided upon. 205 for the Maduro regime’s coalition, the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), 59 for the opposition Democratic Unity Table (MUD), 37 for the Democratic Alliance and 21 for other parties.

List of winners in charge of mayors with irreversible results, according to CNE
List of winners in charge of mayors with irreversible results, according to CNE

The President of the CNE, Pedro Calzadilla, announced that the GPP targeted 18 positions for governors, while the MUD received 2 positions and other political parties 1 position.

List of winners for the post of Governor with irreversible results
List of winners for the post of Governor with irreversible results

Although the Chavista regime held and ended the countdown to regional elections in Venezuela on Sunday, the opposition warned that Result can be reversed in two states of the country, where 10% of the votes are yet to be counted and the gap is still very small.

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is about barinas (home state of the late Caudillo Hugo Chávez) and SoonWhere the count of votes is much more than the distance between the candidates.

,In Barinas State, the transmission percentage is around 90.9%, so that 10% of the votes are yet to be counted and with a difference of less than 600 votes, it is possible that the result will change. So you have to wait for that 10% to be transmitted”, admitted the rector of the National Electoral Council, Roberto Picon in an interview. wave circuit,

In that jurisdiction, tensions were recorded in front of the local CNE headquarters while the votes were being counted, knowing the distance would be close and could be in favor of the opposition.

No one else candidate for Chavista regime Arjanis Chavez, brother of the former president, But with the provisional scrutiny, it got 93,097 votes, which is 37.05%, just a tenth above Freddy’s Superlano (from the Bureau of Democratic Unity, MUD), which counted 92,424 votes, 36.79% of the total. The distance is less than 700 votes.

Argenis Chavez, brother of Hugo Chavez
Argenis Chavez, brother of Hugo Chavez

And there is one fact that encourages the opposition’s hopes. According to the report of journalist Gabriel Bastidas, Scrutiny has increased to 97.8% in state legislative council elections, where the MUD list has overtaken Chavismo by 0.7 points., up 1,400 votes from second place. Given the polarization the country is going through, there is little chance of voters supporting different parties in Sunday’s separate elections.

In this regard, Superlano expressed on Twitter: “I can responsibly say that the minutes we have given us give us winners. It is highly irresponsible for CNE to try to deliver results with a difference of less than one mark, with more than 10% of minutes missing. There is no doubt that I will defend the expressed will,

the situation is like this Soon, a historically Chavista state. ,The difference is less than 2,000 votes and the transmission is around 84%.”, explained Rector Picon.

Whereas, the candidates of the ruling PSUV, eduardo pinate, got 64,601 votes (43.33%), after louis lippa (MUD), with 62,708 (42,06%), a distance of less than 2,000 votes, and more votes to be counted.

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