Cheapest new dollar: how consumers are already taking advantage of the 25 peso cheap price

U.S.A.Cheapest new dollar: how consumers are already taking advantage...

This version of the dollar differs from the rest as one of the price movements created in the heat of repeated patches of exchange rate barriers last week disappeared.

The disappearance of the subsidized MEP dollar soon after the election rearranged the list of exchange rates in the market. And One of the dollar’s many denominations was notably far from the rest, which makes it stand out as an attractive option. in relative terms.

This is not a savings option. In any case, as always in Argentina’s long experiences with exchange controls, the way up to the dollar bill has become more difficult, and eyes are set on the consumption of the dollar. Dollars that are not received through financial instruments are solicited through commercial means.

dollars in question This is a “dollar card”, which is nothing more than a solidarity contribution, but unlike the purchase for billboards which is limited to USD 200 per month- At least for now there is no limit on consumption in foreign exchange with plastics.

It differs from the rest as one of the quotes that arose in the heat of repeated patches for exchange rate barriers disappeared last week. The subsidized MEP dollar, which was enshrined in the Bonner 30 value, ceased to be intervened by the Central Bank. And, with that, it moved closer to $200, at which free dollar trades take place.

That MEP was at $181 shortly before the election. And, as an opportunity, it was availed by thousands of savers till the last minute. Now the gap between the financial dollars is gone And, a gap arose between that price and the solidarity price, which remains around $175.

The subsidized MEP dollar, which was enshrined in the Bonner 30 value, ceased to be intervened by the Central Bank.

There is a 65% tax surcharge on Solidarity dollars, 30% of PAIS tax, and 35% of withholding on account of profit or personal assets. Nevertheless, it turned out to be the cheapest dollar on the market. Out of the blue and financiers below $200.

The old price has started to be used by Argentine savers. In particular, through the consumption of cards in foreign currency which has remained at a low level due to the pandemic, but is beginning to react. And, according to analysts, its use will increase with the arrival of the summer holidays.

“While the official dollar lags, overseas purchases seem cheaper” (Colasurdo)

,Credit cards with irregular monthly transactions registered a year-on-year growth of 108.3%. In October they increased by 13.6% as compared to the previous month”, he said. guillermo barbero First in terms of consumption in foreign currency.

“However, these values ​​are based on all the functions of the item and are not significant in relation to the values ​​they were known for in the past. The reopening of tourism and work opportunities abroad will boost the balance in the coming months, especially If the card dollar value is less than the dollar value that consumers can access”, he considered.

Beyond the fact that foreign travel is still recovering, consumption of services and goods through e-commerce portals that bring goods into the country from abroad is encouraged by the difference in prices.

But that doesn’t stop the encouragement. have another. At least for those who do not pay benefits or personal property, or do so for a small amount.

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AFIP gives 35% withheld returns in the next financial year For those who are not subject to these taxes. A partial refund, since inflation hovers around 3.5% per month, adds little value to the amount withheld. But come back at the end.

“The reopening of tourism and work abroad opportunities will boost dollar balances with cards in the coming months, especially if the card dollar value is less than the dollar value that consumers can access” (Barbero)

“This is an opportunity as the official dollar is lagging, buying abroad looks cheap,” he said. giselle colasurdoExpert in capital markets and financial youtuber.

“And not only do you have to take advantage of the departed officer, but they also return the advance payment of income tax (even if it is after a year and that money is halved with 50% expected annual inflation),” he remarked.

How to process returns

Enter AFIP page with tax code. The system will display the list of enabled AFIP services on the screen. “My Web Applications” should be selected. If this service is not found, it must be enabled using the “Financial Code Relationship Manager” option.

Then, you have to follow the following steps:

1) Enter “Financial Codes” in the “My Web Applications” service

2) Select the “New” option found in the top left margin. As a result, a new screen will open where you need to select the name and the following fields:

* Agency: AFIP

*Form: F746/A – Return and Transfer

*Financial Period: Indicate the period in YYYYMM format for which refund is requested.

Finally, choose “Accept”

3) The system will then show the details of income registered in “My Withholding” for that period. You need to check which ones you want to process in return.

4) In the event that assumptions are not registered in the system, they can be entered by selecting “ADD PERCEPTION”.

5) To load, you must notify:

– Original

– card

– Payment date and/or settlement/debit date of summary

– The amount of perception.

6) Once all the data is loaded, select the Record button located in the top margin of the screen. To finish loading, press the current button. The system will ask if the presentation has been confirmed, and will then notify that the presentation has already taken place. You can view the receipt of the presentation by accepting this message.

7) To follow up on the refund request, you will need to enter the “My Web Application” service along with the “Tax Code”.

8) Thereafter, the service login screen will be displayed. You have to select the search option which is in the top left margin. There, click on ACCEPT to view the requests made.

9) This way, the requests made will be displayed and, if you click on submit, you will be able to see the status of the selected request and the system will display the status of the process.

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