Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Chicago shooter moves to Wisconsin to consider second shooting

A major outbreak occurred during the National Day Parade in Chicago’s Highland Park on the 4thShooting7 dead and about 40 injured. “The gunman, Robert E. Cremo III, was considering a second attack,” police said.

According to the BBC, Kramer III, 21, drove more than two hours after the attack on Wisconsin, where he witnessed another American Day celebration “and was contemplating another attack,” according to police.

accuserIt was revealed that Kramer III confessed to shooting during a hearing on the 6th, and investigators also said that he tried to leave his mobile phone in Madison, Wisconsin after the attack. Kramer III also stated that she “disguised herself as a woman to escape Highland Park with the fleeing residents”.

Details provided at the hearing noted that surveillance footage showed Kramer III leaving the area after the attack and driving his rifle to his mother’s car about 150 miles northwest of Madison.

Prosecutors said on the 6th that 83 used cartridge cases and rifle magazines were recovered from the shooting scene, raising questions about how to buyfirearmsQuestions were raised about “why Kramer III was able to conduct background checks designed to prevent potentially dangerous people from buying weapons”, and three other firearms were found in his home. Police said he had two previous contacts with law enforcement, but was still able to purchase five guns in the past year.

According to reports, Kramer III attempted suicide in April 2019. In September of the same year, another family member called the police that he violently threatened to “kill everyone”. At that time, the police confiscated 16 knives, 1 dagger and 1 sword. But did not arrest him. In April of this year, Kramer III also behaved suspiciously when visiting a local synagogue, but in the end there were no accidents.


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