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Chicago White Sox can’t break through despite ‘good chance’ in 4-0 loss to Baltimore Orioles

The Chicago White Sox have a long history of late against the Baltimore Orioles, but they have never played against Adley Luchman.

The Orioles’ rookie catcher was given the number of Sox starter Johnny Cueto on Thursday night, who hit a two-run homer in the fourth inning followed by a two-inning RBI double that put the Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field Lost 4-0.

Rutschman’s three-pointers are a career high — he’s hit four in his first 26 games.

“He had a great night,” Red Sox manager Tony LaRusa said. “See if we can make some adjustments to keep him quiet.”

Cueto pitched 5 ⅓ innings, allowed seven hits — including a two-run homer on Rutschman — and struck out seven.

As of May 1, 2019, the Red Sox are on an eight-game winning streak with the Orioles. But they went 1 for 9 to put the runners in scoring position and left 11 on the bases.

“I’d say, when you’re getting nine hits and a lot of tough outs, we should win the game — you should mark something, right?” LaRusa said. “So we played a lot and couldn’t break through.

Receiver Sebi Zavala added that he had two doubles: “We had three or four balls that played really well and we thought we had a good chance of getting out of the yard, or at least out of the wall. They were just there. die.”

One of the highlights for the Red Sox was Lenin Sosa’s major league debut, which impressed the infielder: “Get on the field and look at the crowd, the stadium, the fans. I’ve never been in a field like this. Played in the stadium.

“It’s amazing.”

The Orioles thought they had an early lead on Trey Mancini’s potential RBI double in the third inning, but Cedric Mullins was flagged to slide home. The Orioles challenged, arguing that the left-field relay from AJ Pollock to Tim Anderson to Zavala came too late, but stuck with the decision.

In the fourth inning, Ryan Moncastle doubled the center and advanced to the third place under the error of Lerie Garcia. Rutschman made the Red Sox pay for the mistake with a two-run homer.

Gavin Sheets played his first game in a major since June 9, leaving the Red Sox looking to respond with a double at the end of the inning, but right fielder Austin Hays was on Leury Garcia’s line. Throwing him at home after driving singles.

Sheets followed Jake Berger’s sixth-inning double and chased Orioles starter Dean Kramer, but substitute Felix Bautista beat Zavala.

The Sheets made it 3-0 in the eighth inning, but the farce ended by flying off the midfield warning track.

“Good at hitting. Very good,” La Rusa said.

Injuries forced the Red Sox to revamp their roster for the series opener.

Anderson, who turned 29 on Thursday, tore the ACL in his right knee under Danny Mendick, the season’s backup shortstop. Anderson went 1 for 5 with two strikeouts.

La Russa chose Sheets to replace right fielder Adam Engel, who is out for a 10-day IL with a right hamstring strain, and left Andrew Vaughn at first base.

Luis Robert was dealing with a leg problem in Wednesday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, so La Russa opted to sit him down and insert Leury Garcia at center.

“It’s baseball. It’s part of the game,” Cotto said of all the injuries. “I think you have to be like a horse – keep going.”

The Sox’s original plan for Sosa was for him to debut in a four-game weekend home game against the Orioles — not Thursday. But Josh Harrison was rocked after being hit by a ball in the bottom of the fifth, and Sosa replaced him in second in the sixth. Sosa batted out in his first career and then went into the ninth with nine overs.

“I thought his first bat was pretty good,” La Russa said. “I think his second bat was one of the highlights of the night. We were competing at the time. He went a long way and fouled a couple of tough pitches. I think it was pretty impressive.

“He has all the attributes of being a good hitter.”

Harrison suffered an injury to his right triceps, and X-rays were negative. He day after day.

“He’s got a big knot on the back of his right throwing arm,” LaRusa said. “It’s a special way to get hit.”


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