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Child killer sentenced to 40 years in prison in Orange County road rage

Child killer sentenced to 40 years in prison in Orange County road rage

Orange CountyIn 2021, a 26-year-old gunman shot and killed six-year-old boy Aiden Leos, who was sitting in the back seat of his mother Cloonan’s car in Costa Mesa in 2021, the Chronicle reported. Mesa man Maracas Anthony Ariz was sentenced on the 12th to 40 years to life in prison. A co-defendant in the case, Aries’ Taiwanese girlfriend Winne Lee, is also scheduled to stand trial.

Erez said during the sentencing hearing in a Santa Ana court that day: “I’m sorry for putting everyone through this. I hurt everyone around me and I’m responsible for everyone’s pain. “

Despite his claims of remorse and traumatic childhood, Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard M. King rejected the defense’s request to drop the felony gun-related charges, reducing his sentence from 15 years to life in prison. Could have happened. King described Leos as “the most vulnerable victim I can imagine”. He said the boy died in the arms of his mother, Joanna Cloonan, adding, “Words cannot describe what Leo’s mother went through.”

A jury convicted Aries of second-degree murder earlier this year. His defense attorney Randall Bethune said Erez has never denied responsibility for Leos’ death.

Cloonan did not attend the sentencing. On the day of the accident, Cloonan took six-year-olds Leos and Erez in a car driven by his girlfriend Levi and drove north on Highway 55. Cars of two people were in the carpool lane. Lee’s car rapidly drove past Crunan’s car and suddenly exited the carpool lane. Then he returned and overtook Lee’s car and suddenly stopped in front of Lee’s car. The car suddenly stopped. Nan felt that this gesture was deceitful.

Cloonan parked his car next to Lee’s car and extended his middle finger in the direction of Lee’s car. She described briefly making eye contact with Aries as she was about to continue driving, she suddenly heard a loud bang and turned around to find her son’s head down. A gunshot passed through the trunk of Cloonan’s car, entered Leo’s back, liver and lungs, pierced his heart and exited through the right side of his abdomen.

Cloonan screamed and held the dying boy to the side of the highway. As soon as she called 911 to explain, an off-duty Seal Beach police officer stopped the car and performed CPR on the boy, but within an hour the boy died.

The massive search operation lasted for more than two weeks. Investigators targeted dozens of vehicles through video recordings from businesses equipped with surveillance cameras along the way, and Erez and Lee were eventually arrested at their Costa Mesa apartment.

Li Wein, 26, of Taiwanese descent, has been charged with a lesser charge of being an accomplice after the fact and is currently awaiting a separate sentencing trial.

Following the incident in 2021, the Orange County Attorney General held a press conference to announce the prosecution of murderer Erez (first from left) and his co-defendant, Taiwanese girlfriend Winnie Li (second from left). (Orange County District Attorney’s Office)

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