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Children with Cerebral Palsy → Dr. Ying’s Nanjing since the 90s attacks AI to diagnose New Crown, which is 97% accurate

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Lu Siyuan, a child with severe cerebral palsy from Nanjing, recently gave himself a big gift–UKPhD Diploma from the University of Leicester, and developed aartificial intelligence(AI) software to assist in remote diagnosis of new crowns; “My father told me when I was a kid that I was different from others. If I want to survive, I have to work hard. There is no other option. Learning is the only way.”


The BBC Chinese website reported that Lu Siyuan was born in February 1991 in Yancheng, Jiangsu province. The central nervous system was damaged due to dystocia and asphyxia. When he was two years old, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As a child, he had muscle spasms in his limbs, deformed legs, a curved spine, inability to walk, inability to open his arms, and difficulty raising his head. Lu Siyuan had two operations on his two legs. After the anesthesia had passed, he felt severe pain, but did not take pain relievers, fearing it would affect his brain, so he endured it for three days and three nights. Now looking back, he was convinced it was the “most painful memory” of all time.

“My goal is to do scientific research, so I should go to university. Now the entry limit is a doctorate,” Lu SiyuanCollege entrance examinationThe language is very poor, as the writing speed is slow and the composition is not finished, but the perfect English score is 120. He took college entrance exams twice, and the second time he was admitted to Nanjing Normal University to study computers.

Lu Siyuan is Professor Zhang Yudong’s first batch of postgraduate students. The report noted that during the two-year master’s program, Lu Siyuan achieved excellent results and published six papers that were involved in three major international academic literature retrieval systems, including four SCI papers (Science and Technology), one EI Paper (Engineering) included. ), and an ISTP paper. Thesis (Natural Science and Technology), is the top student in the class. Later, he was persuaded by Professor Zhang Yudong to continue his PhD at the University of Leicester.

According to reports, Lu Siyuan admitted that he was very scared at first, and was very afraid that he would not be able to live in the UK. After all, having lived for 28 years, he was never alone and always had his parents with him. In August 2022, 31-year-old Lu Siyuan completed his doctoral dissertation defense at the University of Leicester ahead of schedule and was ready to go to China. His areas of expertise are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Aided Diagnostic Techniques.

Together with his mentor, Zhang Yudong, he developed an artificial intelligence application software to diagnose new crowns, which is believed to be over 97% accurate. It is suitable for remote diagnosis, fast, accurate, and has great potential. “Siyuan and I discussed whether to apply for a patent, and he realized that such a device should be free for all and help many people,” Zhang Yudong said.

“Siyuan’s experience is very inspiring,” said Zhang Yudong, “and I hope he can continue to develop in the field of AI and telemedicine diagnostics in the future.”

In August 2022, Lu Siyuan will return to China after completing his doctoral thesis defence. (taken from the University of Leicester)



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