Chile and Argentina join Brazil in pushing the extreme right

U.S.A.Chile and Argentina join Brazil in pushing the extreme...

Jose Antonio Cast’s victory in the first Chilean electoral round traces the problem of the son of a former Nazi military man who, with his outbursts, competes head-on with Jair Bolsonaro. extreme authority in the field At a different level of danger. “I proudly defend the work of the military government,” says this proponent of the market, Cross and Order. Its dissolution part a. Is event that began in Brazil in Latin AmericaMILF stepped on the bus capital of argentina with distracting force and now inserts Chile Kast on the radicalization map could be elected president on December 19 of a country that exploded in the air two years ago and in its rejection of the neoliberal economic model. ,Would have voted for me if Pinochet was alive“, has said.

What happened around a character who until recently was part of a gallery of cynical politicians is agitated. selling Feather Chile, A good section of the Center has no doubt voted in favor of, even against its principles left wing gabriel borik, to avoid the scenario which is so feared. dare chili, called the installment government programme. There is music to the ears of thirty-three points Santiago Abascal, to get La Moneda Palace, the cast promised to move on”International Anti-Radical Left Coordination “,

His rise in elections has allowed “abusive rights” Give up all types of itching. johannes kaiser He has been elected as a deputy in Santiago for the Cast Party. this is brother of Axel Kaiser, a writer and youtuber One who surpasses his praise. “Women stop going to the park to run because they’re afraid of immigrants who might rape them, but they continue to vote for the same parties that are bringing those people in and you’re really surprised that Was the right to vote a good idea,” she said. Said.. As he could subtract votes from the leader in the second round, he decided to resign from the Republican, but not from his seat.

denial of dictatorship

Things are not much different on the other side of the Andes Mountains. At the moment, the extreme right of Argentina does not fight for the presidency. But in the last assembly elections, Economist and former heavy metal singer, Javier Milic, received 17% of the vote in the city of Buenos Aires. For Miley, global warming “is Another lie of socialism“With them, Victoria Villaruel, a Denial of the horrors of the last military dictatorship (1976-83). Economist José Luis Espert will also be a deputy, who has proposed turning “a couple of criminals into Gruyre cheese” to address issues of insecurity.

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This ideological turn for experts is multi-causal. In fact, a recent survey by the Latin American Public Opinion Project of Vanderbilt University, USA, shows greater isolation in the region on acceptance of democracy than it was two years ago. A quarter of residents no longer believe this is the best form of government. Call America‘s barometer highlights that skepticism is high Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, Young people are most inclined to doubt the superiority of democracy as a place to resolve the conflicts of a society that is increasingly poor and with high levels of despair. The survey was done before the ghost of Kast surfaced.

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that skepticism converges with another parallel phenomenon reported by essayist pablo stefanoni in his book Did the rebellion turn to the right? Stefanoni, whose title was so influential that it has just been published in Spain, tries to clarify How anti-progressive and anti-political correctness has created a new common sense Should not be taken lightly. In fact, his warnings came true with the rise of closet And milliel, The Left, he says, “was being largely displaced by the historical image of defiance and violation that it personified.” It has lost its ability to capitalize on social outrage. It is the “alternative right”, once marginal, that is “playing the radical card with speeches against the oligarchy.” Stefanoni believes you have to go back to find a similar climate 1920s and 1930s. The unanswered question at the moment is how far can it go? Extremist wave started in Brazil and flood threat in Chile,

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