Chile’s election ushered in a new political landscape in the country

WorldChile's election ushered in a new political landscape in...

  • Nearly 15 million Chileans have been called to the polls in the polls, which will require a second round to meet with the next head of state.

  • Young leftist Gabriel Boric and ultra-conservative Jose Antonio cast appear as potential rivals on December 13

Chile has chosen two candidates this Sunday who will compete for the next presidency In the second election round on 13 December. About 15 million voters were called to vote in a day, which the chairman of the electoral service, Andres Tagle, described as “quiet and without incident”. The first official result that indicates a trend will not be known until early in the morning, Spanish time. Whatever the final investigation, everything indicates that the country will not be the same as it was configured since 1990, when the democratic transition began. in the second turn will be in the middle of the fight two fundamentally opposite political and economic models This will open a new political landscape, which will be different from the recent times. started with a crack The social outbreak that affected the country in November 2019,

Chile is a country with a very low rate of electoral participation. In 2017, the now very unpopular president Sebastian Pinera He won the election with a vote share of 48%. The government‘s spokesman, Jaime Bellolo, confirmed that this Sunday there has been more interest from the Chilean side, perhaps all that is at stake.

not in vain, Gabriel Borik, the young candidate of Approval Dignity, the coalition forming a new leftist coalition in the student protests of the past decade and the Communist Party calling on society to vote without fear” In this “historic moment”. Boric appeared in previous elections with a guaranteed spot in the second round, but in recent days he has been the subject of a strong media campaign, which has “fostered fears of a return” as his central axis.communism“, sometimes with a rhetoric related to what happened in this country during the failed attempt in the 70s salvador allende To build socialism through peaceful means.

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post election agreement

If the elections don’t go wrong, the 35-year-old deputy will run for the presidency Far-right Jose Antonio Custo or with Sebastian Sichel, champion of a liberal right. The details are not trivial. Another aspect that will become clear in a few hours is who the winner will be in the second round, as well as the support they will receive from the candidates who remain in the race.

Whatever happens, Boric will need to reach a deal with the centre-left that ruled Chile uninterrupted between 1990 and 2010. Your candidate this Sunday, Yasna Provoste, Election miracle awaits but reality tells him he must architect a deal with the Dignity Coalition, which was approved for December 13.

On Monday, analysts will begin to draw conclusions about what will happen in the weeks leading up to the next round. According to Alex Kallis, knowing where Chile is going will be essential. future congressOr, that Sunday is partially renewed.

new constitution

In this context of high tension and uncertainty, constituent Assembly That the new Magna Carta that would forever bury the institutionalism of Pinochetism should be finished in a few months. President of the Constitutional Convention, Alyssa Loncon, an academic of Mapuche origin, assured that whoever is eventually elected head of state would actually lead a government of “transitions”; Because it will begin its work without a new fundamental text, which must be approved through a new popular consultation in mid-2022.

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