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China accounts for 95% of China’s illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific, QUAD seeks to monitor

South Korean navies and naval ships crack down on Chinese illegal fishing in neutral waters around Ganghwa Island in 2016. (The Associated Press)

According to a report in the Financial Times of the United States, members of the “Quad Security Dialogue” (QUAD) of the United States, Japan, according to United States sources,IndiaAnd Australia will announce a maritime initiative to curb illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific at the Tokyo summit on 24th, the latest measure by QUAD to counter China’s activities in the Indo-Pacific.

The project will use satellite technology to connectSingaporeIndia and Pacific Monitoring Center established from the Indian Ocean,Southeast AsiaIllegal Fishing Tracking System for the South Pacific. US officials say China accounts for 95 percent of illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific.

The system would allow the US and its allies to monitor illegal fishing even as fishing boats turn off the transponders typically used to track ships.

Some countries in the Indo-Pacific are angry with China’s large fishing fleet. They say Chinese ships regularly violate special economic zones, damage the environment and cause economic damage.

“We will for the first time provide the global power to connect these systems to track illegal fishing,” the US official said.

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