China annoyed by US invitation to Taiwan for democracy summit

WorldChina annoyed by US invitation to Taiwan for democracy...

  • Russia accused Biden of “dividing countries”, in his opinion, and “creating new lines of division”.

  • The summit, which will have more than 100 invited countries, has been organized in view of the democratic decline the world has suffered in recent months.

executive committee headed by Joe Biden invited to taiwan Summit for Democracy Which will be held in December, as confirmed by a list published by the United States Department of State this Tuesday that sees more than 100 countries. A movement that has once again fueled the anger of China, which sees Taiwan as its territory.

but The Asian giant reacted quickly and showed “Strong opposition Taiwan officials face this US invitation,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters, underlining that Taiwan is one inseparable part of Chinese territory”.

thank you taiwan to Biden this Wednesday Invitation, which allows you to show off your democratic credentials, “With this summit, Taiwan can share its democratic success story,” President Xavier Chang said in a statement.

for its part, Russia, who has not been invited to the summit, did not delay in commenting on the matter. Criticism of the American Initiative and accusing him of sowing the stress, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared, “The United States prefers to draw new lines of division, dividing countries into good and bad according to their opinion.”

other guest

Many of the participants are in this virtual summit Washington Allies, they include Iraq, India and PakistanAccording to a list published by the State Department on Tuesday. Even then, TurkeyWashington’s allies in NATO does not appear among the participants. Yes, most Latin American countries include guests, with the exception of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia,

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It seems Biden has made it clear since arriving at the White House last January: His foreign policy based on against Middle Democracy And this “autocracy“, which according to him includes among others China and Russia, However, the Supreme US President has invited Brazil, led by the far-right Gyro bolsonaro,

in Europe, Poland Is represented, despite repeated tensions with Brussels over respect for the rule of law, although Hungary, led by controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orban, no figure State Department list.

to Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Niger They are part of the guests.

democracy in danger

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According to Leleh Espahani, a member of the Open Society Foundation, instead of holding an anti-China meeting, a country he calls “a missed opportunity”, Biden should take advantage of these meetings, which also bring together civil society leaders. will bring. , “to attack the crisis that represents a serious decline of democracy around the world, even for a relatively concrete model such as the United States.”

This summit has been organized by many. was done in view of Shocks that Democracy Has to Face In countries where the United States had high hopes in recent months. country led by biden joined for the first time in the list ofdeclining democracyAccording to a report by Stockholm-based International Idea, mainly because of a demotion under the Trump era.

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