China beats America in hypersonic arms race

WorldChina beats America in hypersonic arms race

  • Chinese hypersonic glider during its voyage fired a projectile that fell into the sea

The race for hypersonic weapons development appears to have passed a new stage with recent Chinese testing, which has demonstrated unexpected overtaking The United States in this area of ​​strategic competition between the powers.

China has already tested hypersonic glider – Able to reach higher speeds 6,000 km/h– which orbited the Earth before landing on its target, which eventually missed by about 30 kilometres.

This test shot, unveiled in October by the Financial Times and confirmed by the Pentagon, has forced the US military to admit that China‘s technical results took them by surprise.

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Through new revelations published this Sunday, the Chinese hypersonic device fired during its career projectile that fell into the sea, surprised the United States again.

According to the ‘Financial Times’, “experts at DARPA, the Pentagon’s investigative agency, do not know how China managed to fire a projectile from a vehicle flying over an airport. hypersonic speed,

use as a bomber

“It seems that the Chinese managed to control the effects of thermal and aerodynamic shock At hypersonic speed, “that which is needed”huge computing capacity“, explained Joseph Henrotin, strategy researcher and editor-in-chief of the specialized journal DSI.

Henrotin also outlined the interest in its use as a bomber, as the essential characteristic of hypersonic weapons is not so much their speed as their ability to dodge. missile defense, thanks to a less predictable trajectory than ballistic missiles.

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“These recent tests constitute a Great Technological Leap for ChinaEven though the United States is still far ahead in terms of global military technology,” said Niklas Swanström, a China expert and director of the Security and Development Institute in Stockholm.

hypersonic wind tunnel

“Even if they are shown to possess this technology, it is unlikely that they will be able to use it effectively” combat operations, But that should encourage Americans and their allies to no longer underestimate Chinese capabilities. develop countermeasuresSwanstrom said.

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China has already introduced in 2019 hypersonic glide vehicle, DF-17. This medium-range weapon (about 2,000 km) can carry a nuclear warhead. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, which recently equipped itself with a hypersonic wind tunnel, plans to launch a new facility next year to simulate flights at speed. 30 times more than soundAccording to Chinese state media.

The United States, for its part, does not have a hypersonic weapon, although it works on it. Darpa recently successfully tested its HAWC hypersonic missile, which uses oxygen from the atmosphere for combustion. The Pentagon also developed a hypersonic glider called ARRW, but its first major test failed in april, Other powers like Russia also have hypersonic weapons or are trying to equip themselves with them like France.

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