China condemns US “manipulation” in Honduras elections

U.S.A.China condemns US "manipulation" in Honduras elections

FILE PHOTO: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian attends a press conference in Beijing, China November 16, 2021. Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rollins

BEIJING, Nov 25 (Reuters) – China‘s foreign ministry on Thursday accused the United States of “manipulation” after a US delegation made it clear that Washington wants Honduras to maintain its old diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Keep it when he votes this weekend.

A US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also said Washington has warned Central American countries about “certain risks associated with China‘s approach to the region.”

Main left-wing opposition candidate Xiomara Castro, who is leading the latest polls for this month’s presidential elections, previously said she would trade diplomatic ties with Beijing to Taiwan if she won. But a close aide of his said on Tuesday that no final decision had been taken.

When asked about the fact that the United States asked Honduran candidates to maintain ties with Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the United States would not win any friends like this.

“This manipulative and intimidating behavior will not win anyone’s heart or mind,” he told reporters in Beijing.

Residents of Central America should be wary of the United States’ “hegemonic behavior,” Zhao said, noting the North American country’s involvement in coups and other plots over the years.

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“Two hundred years later, the United States is dreaming of the old dream and treats Latin American countries as if they were within its sphere of influence. This intimidating behavior makes Latin Americans hate and certainly fail. Will happen.”

Honduras is one of 15 countries that maintain diplomatic relations with the self-government of Taiwan. China considers the island its territory without the right to maintain state-to-state relations, an idea strongly rejected by the Taipei government.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry commended the United States for its support of relations between Taiwan and its allies, and reiterated that its government would respect the outcome of the Honduran elections.

Taiwan has warned Honduras not to be influenced by China‘s “fascinating and false” promises.

Relations between the two countries date back to 1941, before the ROC government fled to Taiwan after losing the Chinese Civil War.

China‘s efforts have worried and angered Washington, which is concerned about Beijing’s growing international influence.

(Reporting by Yu Lun Tian; Writing by Ben Blanchard in Taipei and additional information; Editing by Angus McSwan; Translated by Jose Munoz in Gdansk Newsroom)

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