China strictly prohibited the entry and exit of citizens, netizens bombed the country

China’s National Immigration Administration held a meeting and stressed that it would strictly restrict non-essential activities of Chinese citizens. (China News Agency)

Recently, it has been rumored on the Internet that the Chinese border defense has strengthened the exit inspection of personnel, and even torn passports.MigrantThe administration announced yesterday that “a strict and strict entry-exit policy will be strictly enforced, non-essential exit activities of Chinese nationals will be strictly prohibited, and the acceptance and issuance of entry-exit documents will be strictly enforced.” Will be done.”EpidemicFor this reason, it is enough not to allow entry, but why ban exit? Is it “shut down the country” for the 20th Congress?

China’s recent increasingly stringent and unfair epidemic prevention measures have led to the rise of the “run school”, with the English “run” as the keynote speaker, meaning immigration studies. A screenshot of an airport security unit’s group communication was also circulated on the social platform, with the caption “Anyone having hatred for the country and the party will not be allowed to leave the country”. There were also rumors on the Internet that some Chinese nationals “cut” their passports at airport customs. But “cut passports” were banned yesterdayBeijingThe Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station has denied any such incident.

While relevant rumors were rampant, the National Immigration Administration’s WeChat public account released the above news on the afternoon of the 12th. The National Immigration Administration said it expressed President Xi Jinping’s “will” to guide all border inspection stations and entry-exit administration departments and support and cooperate with local governments to fight against the pandemic held a meeting. It is necessary to strictly implement strict and strict entry and exit policies, strictly prohibit non-essential exit activities of Chinese citizens, and strictly approve and issue exit and entry documents. and “to meet the 20th National Congress with practical tasks”.

According to the news, measures to be implemented include strict controls at border ports, strictly preventing people stranded abroad from gathering at the border and illegal entry into the pandemic, ensuring that both people, goods and the environment are prevented and controlled. is; We must crack down on illegal entry and exit activities, cut off the main channel for illegal entry and exit in the border areas, so as to strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic through illegal and criminal channels. He also said that it is necessary to mobilize the entire system to support and cooperate with Shanghai in order to achieve a dynamic social reset.

As soon as the news broke, it immediately attracted Chinese netizens to try pot fry. Many netizens commented that if it was indeed for epidemic prevention, noting that the foreign epidemic situation had not ended, “it would be enough to directly ban or restrict entry, why restrict citizens from leaving the country.” Did?” and criticized “What now?” This is the age, can people keep their hearts closed? To beat the dog.”

There are also netizens who support this policy, leaving a message that it should have happened long ago, saying, “Someone goes out and catches the virus, and when he comes back, he will be treated for free. “

According to the Central News Agency, China defines “non-essential outbound activities” in terms of foreign travel, family visits, etc. Those who really need to leave the country for foreign study, employment, business etc. will be released after strict. verification and validation.

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