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China’s Ministry of National Security has revealed details of international students being incited to revolt by foreign spies

WeChatThe public account “Ministry of National Security” announced a case on the 7th: Zhang, a graduate of a foreign university, was arrested while studying abroad.detectiveIntelligence agencies incited rebellion and engaged in espionage activities, and were dealt with in accordance with the law. reported that due to failure in the college entrance examination, Zhang entered a top-ranked university in a certain country with excellent results in 2006 after studying hard for a year in language preparatory courses. Due to his excellent performance, Due to this, Zhang became the squad leader and was responsible for contacting the schoolChinese students studying abroad, and was “admired” by the school’s leader Kaidi, and served as its Chinese teacher, and the two became “friends forever”. This “year-old friend” gradually pushed Zhang into a trap carefully prepared by foreign espionage and intelligence agencies.

According to reports, one day the inmate called Zhang, who was a junior in college, into the office. The prisoner introduced the two foreigners to Zhang and said that Zhang had performed very well academically and that he would definitely be able to “help” them with their work. So two foreigners, who called themselves Axon (pseudonym) and Ethan (pseudonym), asked Zhang to help them provide information about Chinese students at the school, and promised Zhang a generous reward. . He made more and more demands on Zhang, and the information he sought became more and more sensitive.

The report reported that once, when the two requested Zhang, he directly identified himself as a staff member of the country’s spy intelligence agency, and used sensitive information previously provided by Zhang. Did this as a threat to ask him to join it. The country’s intelligence agency. Organ. Under the financial inducement and threats of foreign spies and intelligence agency personnel, Zhang, who was inexperienced in the world, became a “puppet” to help them steal secrets and monitor Chinese students.

According to reports, as graduation was approaching, many Chinese domestic scientific research institutions went to the country to recruit or organize exchange activities. Zhang had frequent contacts with these institutions and also considered returning to China for employment. However, Zhang could not meet the basic requirements of “all courses must be grade A” required by these scientific research institutions. The inmate told Zhang he could help him change his transcript and write letters of recommendation so Zhang could enter domestically. Scientific Research Institute. Institutional work opportunities. In return, Zhang will continue to cooperate with Exxon and Ethanol in completing its operations after returning to China.

The report said that with the “help” of the other party, Zhang was able to work at a scientific research institute at will after returning to China, and continued to work for foreign spy intelligence agencies. Under the guidance of foreign spy intelligence agencies, Zhang became an “enthusiastic figure” at the institute. For example, when his colleague Lao Wang had confidential information that needed to be destroyed, Zhang “enthusiastically” helped him sort out the list, secretly hide it and hand it over. In the hands of foreign spies and intelligence agencies, it led to the leakage of our country’s scientific research data.

After a careful investigation, the National Security Agency immediately identified Zhang’s illegal and criminal activities and reviewed them in accordance with the law. In the end, Zhang was severely punished by the law for spying.



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