China’s official heavy-handed “hownet” is under scrutiny for monopoly

CNKI has been officially investigated and may end its more than 20-year monopoly history. (picture/taken from internet)

China’s academic database “CNKI” (CNKI) has been the subject of constant controversy recently, and the official finally officially announced on May 13 that it would launch an investigation into its monopolistic behavior.

According to Xinhua, the China State Administration for Market Regulation “has launched an investigation into the suspected monopolistic conduct of CNKI in accordance with the law on the basis of previous inspections.”

The official media Guangming Daily commented that the CNKI investigation is “an important measure taken by anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies to actively respond to social concerns and implement generalized supervision of the platform economy in accordance with law. This is very important.” promote innovation and development, and protect the interests of consumers and the public interests of writers and readers.”

In a comment, Guangming Daily reiterated that CNKI’s monopolistic behavior “destroyed the fair competition order in the relevant market, hindered the dissemination of academic literature and knowledge sharing, harmed the ecological environment for knowledge innovation, and” China knowledge deviates from the construction of “Infrastructure Project”. “The original intention of “has generated much concern in academic, academic, publishing and book circles.”

Previously, CNKI had repeatedly caused controversy due to its involvement in annual price increases and membership renewals, as well as litigation with several scholars over the issue of infringement. CNKI once stated that if the price was based on the number of words, the profit would not be enough to pay for all copyright claims.

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